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  • Harmony Central   - Absolutely everything for the musician!
  • Atelier Hotlist - Database of stolen musical instruments, available to dealers: user submissions solicited.
  • Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments - See and hear experimental musical instruments created by Northern California musician Barry Hall. Drums, flutes, horns, didjeridus, strings and unusual hybrid instruments are shown here, and they are all made entirely of clay. Sounds and video clips let you see and hear the instruments.
  • eMusician Article Archives: Korg ih vocal harmony processor
  • J. D'Addario, Inc. - Maker of strings and accessories for most string instruments; Music Writing Products; Drumheads and accessories; North American Distributer of Vandoren reeds, mouthpieces and accessories.
  • Lovetone - Manufacturer of analogue effects pedals
  • Mel Bay Publications, Inc. - Publishers of instructional books and recordings for a wide range of instruments, as well as sheet music.
  • Musical Instruments of the World - Brief articles and pictures of various "primitive" instruments.
  • Ondes Martenot - The Ondes Martenot, or the Ondes musicales as its inventor Maurice Martenot originally called it, is unique in the realm of electric and electronic instruments in requiring equal components of the physical and electronic to produce its music.
  • A R T OnLine - Quadra/Fx: ART's all-new multi-effects processor featuring twin 24-bit digital processors with Dynamic Engine Allocation!
  • Reiko Obata's Koto Home Page - Reiko Obata performs traditional and contemporary Japanese koto music. The site includes sounds and descriptions of the koto, shakuhachi and shamisen.
  • Selmer - Makers of wind instruments & accessories.
  • Stylophone Shack - The ONLY website dedicated to the Stylophone. Rolf Harris made it famous, and now it's a cult collectable. Find out more about the little musical box of electronics here.
  • SweepGen - Sine Wave Sweep Generator - Downloadable Freeware. This program uses your windows sound card to generate a swept sine wave using parameters you input. Includes ability to pause and step frequency up / down. Also, the program simultaneously records using the sound card, plotting an amplitude versus frequency graph. I wrote this for people who want to test the audio response of hand-made musical instruments.
  • TunerFish - The Intellitouch Tuner is a quick, accurate, and easy instrument tuner. No wires, no microphones, no pickups... it "feels" the pitch.

  • Usenet rec.music.makers.marketplace - news:
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