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  • The Composers' Corner   - A great site by composer Jeff Abrams -- this site features MIDIs, Encore Files, and JPGs of some of Jeff's compositions, as well as links to many excellent composition and MIDI resources.
  • Twilight Dreams Music   - Classical, synthesized and contemporary original musical compositions, arrangements and transcriptions by James V. Signorile. Enjoy these wonderful RealPlayer pieces on-line.
  • Adventures in Music Composition - This choral composer has developed a wonderful page that includes such features as tips on how to get your choral publication submissions rejected -- every time, guaranteed! Also included are pages outlining the evolution of the author in many facets of composing.
  • ANDREA MASCITTI pianist,composer,choir conductor. - Curriculum,personal analsys,works,musical links...
  • Angel Music - This is a site by margret myers that composes heavenly music from the angels
  • The Bassist's Home Page - Bassist's Original Music Compositions. Let creativity flow to set originality free.
  • Catalogue of Classical Composers - Welcome to the Catalogue of Classical Composers! This catalogue is a reference to the history of classical music through the biographies of the composers that wrote it.
  • Classical Insites - Your online guide to the world of classical music. Step into a virtual community of classical musicians, educators, industry leaders and enthusiasts. Learn about the great composers and legendary performers! Also home of the official Leonard Bernstein and 96.3 FM WQXR Web sites.
  • Classical Music - Classical Net - Classical Music - The Classical Net web site offers a comprehensive collection of information and news on classical music subjects including articles and CD reviews, composers and their music, the basic repertoire, recommended classical music recordings and a CD buying guide.
  • Classical Music Cube ... The Music Beat - The Music Beat... covers Classical Music Internet Web Sites including beginning a classical collection, record companies and music history.
  • Classical Music Home Page - People use the word "classical" music to imply to a certain kind of music that my page features. However, when you go down and think of the details, the "true classical music" implies to the music that is written in the classical period from approximately 1750 - 1825.
  • Classical Music Pages - This web site provides you almost everything you need concerning classical music- its history, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminologies. It is designed to be of use for everyone from "beginners" to the music professional.
  • Classical Piano Solo Page - The purpose of this page is to provide MIDI files of classical piano solos and orchestral arrangements that I have arranged and/or sequenced to others for their personal listening enjoyment, comments, and suggestions.
  • Composers Bureau Online - Sigma Alpha Iota is pleased to provide this resource of information about contemporary American Composers. Here you will find biographies, lists of works, audio clips, score samples, photographs and contact information for many of the members of our Composers Bureau. In addition, links are included information from the Pan Pipes Annual American Composer Update.
  • CONCERT BAND MUSIC - Acrobat files of scores, links to composers and educational sites.
  • ctt Sound Web - Original new age piano compositions and personal CD albums by Singaporean composer Chester Tan.
  • Cyberludwig's Mountain of MIDs and MODs - For now, this page is just a place for me to make my musical creations public to the Internet. Also I will have a musical excerpt of the week. These excerpts will be WAV files 100% compatible with WAV players, but compressed to 1/32 its size using Mpeg Layer-3 compression techniques.
  • Dearmad's Midi Place - My Personal Music MIDI files, in which I dare to share my own music composed outside of LMP Challenge.
  • Ellsworth's Hall of Music - Composer of Custom MIDI Music and Musical Scores - Ellsworth Hall - composer of quality custom music for multimedia, film and video productions. Need some custom music? We compose custom musical scores for television commercials, computer games, educational and industrial films, documentaries & more!
  • FaultLine Productions Chamber Music Page - We would like to introduce you to the music of Seth Evans. Please take the time to listen to some of the available tracks from his latest CD. We also have scores available for interested teachers and performers.
  • Filbo's Burrow - Original musical compositions by Gregory Kasey. This site also posts your ORIGINAL MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS for all to hear.
  • Fleur Helsingor's Art + Music - Fleur has created every byte of this large digital art gallery/MIDI music hall, threaded with a whimsical futuristic story line. There's more than one way to enjoy this site, but the best way is with a good sound card and MIDI player, and speakers with subwoofer.
  • The Fractal Music Project - Fractal music is a result of a recursive process where an algorithm is applied multiple times to process its previous output. Fractals provide extremely interesting musical results, and the field is becoming one of the the most exciting fields of new music research.
  • Fred Lerdahl's Attack on Serialism - This page is a discussion of Fred Lerdahl's published article "Cognitive Constraints on Compositional Systems". In the article, Lerdahl explores the relationship between composing and listening.
  • Geert Burssens, componist - I can compose any style of music - Ik componeer in alle stijlen
  • Institut Classique - The Institut Classique is dedicated to the promotion and study of classical music; the online museum provides information and samples from the world's greatest composers.
  • Introduction to Music Homepage - Welcome to the Web-based course INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC taught by Linda Kobler.
  • Keyboard Chords - Chart of 144 Keyboard Chords including Keyboard Diagrams and Annotation
  • Lambchop Music - Background, Theme & Incidental Music - Provides professional high quality audio products for the Television, Radio & Film Industries. This organization is compriesed of a consortium of successful professional composers and producers.
  • Livingroom.org - The livingroom.org is a place where artists and their supporters, especially those interested in experimental music, new artistic ideas, performance art, multimedia performance, live art, improvisation and avant garde creative endeavors of all kinds can exchange information, concepts, viewpoints, and digitized samples of their works. The site is sponsored by the nonprofit Randy Hostetler Living Room Fund.
  • LucyScaleDevelopments - LucyTuning is a microtonal tuning system derived from pi, and the writings of John "Longitude" Harrison.
  • Michael Walthius: Music of Cyberspace - Over 50 original MIDI compositions by multimedia composer, arranger Michael Walthius. Free music for personal listening!
  • Mozart Among Us - An extensive site devoted to helping classical music lovers explore the sometimes daunting world of contemporary art music. It includes sound, graphics, and a lot of information, and was called 'one of the most elegant sites on the Web' by the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • The Music and Arts Consortium - Contemporary classical music in a variety of streaming formats.
  • Music Theory Online - The Online Journal of the Society for Music Theory.
  • Net new music collections - a listing of contemporary music www pages with midi and/or digital audio files.
  • Olivier Messiaen - A page of links related to 20th Century composer Olivier Messiaen.
  • Paul Copeland composer for the Internet - Free Music for You. Here is some music that I have written that you might like to download and enjoy. The music is available as GIF files (A4 size), midi files and pdf files for high resolution output. If you enjoy experimental music you might like to look at the new 'Copeland concerts' page where I have placed some real audio files of music from concerts of mine.
  • Polytonic Harmony Home Page - This page is intended for musicians interested in advanced music theory. Polytonic harmony allows for the creation of music in multiple, simultaneous keys as well as a practical method of voice-leading these chords.
  • Practical Music Theory - Web site dedicated to the study of Musical Theory.
  • Prodigy Digital Music - Our group provides a virtual community for people who have an interest in Computer Music and Sound. Areas include, News and Features, File Libraries, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Chat Conferences.
  • The Realm of the X-Tuba - Jon Rayburn - This page contains: tuba, tuba fingering chart, transposition chart, MIDI, International Music Project, IMP, Star Wars, and ICQ.
  • Renaissance 2001 Contemporary Classical Music - A gallery of musical gems from elsewhere...
  • Stockhausen home page - Home page of composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, and the Stockhausen Verlag
  • Tampa Bay Composers' Forum Online Newsletter - News of the activities of the Tampa Bay Composers' Forum.
  • Texas Institute of Theory - One of the premier institutions in the world devoted entirely to the promulgation of music theory in the venerated Western European tradition.
  • TimeCast - Your RealAudio & RealVideo Guide.
  • Timothy J's Original Music - Timothy J is a songwriter/composer of music ranging in style from Classical to Adult Contemporary and Jazz to Blues. You can listen to real-audio shorts of his tunes on his Showcase page or read about new events about upcomming CD projects.
  • The Tonal Centre - Tonality - The Tonal Centre is an interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation.
  • Vienna Modern Masters - Vienna Modern Masters is a nonprofit American company which produces and internationally distributes compact discs of contemporary classical music. Its Music from Six Continents 3000-series, the company's principal focus, presents distinguished orchestral and orchestral-choral music from around the world. Its Portrait, Chamber Music and Solo 2000-series primarily presents unusual new music in smaller forms.
  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Classical Music - Welcome to the Classical Music library, courtesy of the computer resources of Georgetown Preparatory School. We hope you enjoy your visit. Our shelves are always fully stocked. More titles are constantly being added.
  • Young Composers - Young Composers is a web site for publishing music compositions of kids, teens, and young adults.

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  • Usenet rec.music.theory - news:
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