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  • Arcade America   - Independent record label featuring techno, chemical, house and drum and bass.
  • Abet Music - Independent record company, home for 5th Element. Hear samples of their new release "Blue Rain", read the Lyrics and purchase the CD.
  • Arcade Belgium - Belgian division of the Arcade label.
  • Arrow Records - Instrumental music that blends new age, pop and jazz influences. Featuring flute and guitar with sax, piano, bass, drums and percussion. Mp3 and Real Audio samples.
  • Aureus Records - Based in New York and Mashpee, MA. A division of Warlock Records, distributed by the Red Records division of Sony Entertainment. Techno, Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock.
  • Be Stiff - information about vinyl, history & artists.
  • Black Ink Label - A small german label for not everyday music. Records from basement app., Pendulum, etc.(German language)
  • bne - independent record company - bne is the fourth biggest record company in israel, representing a largenumber of european labels: alternative, trance and much much more. Hebrew and English versions.
  • Bong Load Custom Records - Beck, Famous Monsters and more.
  • BUB Records - Music for tha suburban BUB - smack rap(rap combined with rock)
  • Cold Meat Industry - Industrial Noise and Dark Ambient from Scandinavia.
  • Communique Records - Minneapolis based record label. Home of DJ.ESP and family. Site listing upcoming events, bookings, promoters, art, a complete biography of Woody McBride aka DJ.ESP.
  • Creeping Bent Records Homepage - Home of Adventures in Stereo, The Secret Goldfish, Nectarine No.9, The Leopards, Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus. Subversive sounds from Scotland.
  • DanceWorldAttack Records - The Italian label of Alexia, Corona, Double You and more.
  • DGM - Double Gold Music - Austrian - Vienna - Lable
  • Elfin Music Company - (Sarasota, FL) Publisher and record label; inventor of the in-store listening tower: award-winning site features extensive info on their studio, artists, and titles.
  • eve records - release information, samples, contact and ordering details.
  • Garbage Czar Records - From New Haven, CT - home of Pinstripe, The Leaves of Lothlorien, The Weigh Down, the One AM Radio, Pearly Sweets + The Platonics.
  • Head Quarters Records - HQrecords gives the elite of the career military artist an opportunity to continue a career in the music industry as writers, arrangers, musicians and performers after military service is complete.
  • Higher State/99 North/99 Degrees records - Home to our 3 UK based house music record labels, with lots of real audio and info on our artists.
  • HMP-indian record manufacturing company - Releasing audio cassettes and compact discs of prominent and upcoming artistes in both carnatic and devotional music.We release film music cassettes and CD's also.
  • Ichor Recordings - Dark sounds for your listening (dis)pleasure.
  • IGE Records - Music, art, stories, recording. Music all types all genres. A site for entertainment variety.
  • Interchill Records - A Montreal/England based independant record label, which focuses on chill-out sounds. Featuring such artists as: Dreamlogic, Pilgrims of the Mind, EKKO, etc.
  • Introspect Records
  • Invisible Records - Home to Pigface, Sheep on Drugs, etc.
  • Isis Records present M.C. Quake - R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative and Soft-Rock record label promoting college and high school mini-concert tours throughout Southern California: news, reviews, albums, sounds, tour dates, more.
  • Jungle Records - London-based indie label issuing alternative rock, punk, goth, etc. Established in 1982 so a large catalogue with other labels such as Mortarhate, Fall Out, Mint, Middle Earth, Ministry Of Power and Skydog also under it's umbrella. Shopping, news, discographies, biographies, links, etc.
  • Jupara Records - The official publisher and label for the new Grapiuna Music, from the South of Bahia, Brazil. We welcome new talents. Partner of Radio Morena.
  • Map Music : acting locally, thinking globally - an independant music label, located in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, B.C.), which is home to such artists as- Phil Western, Mere Mortals, MC2, Pilgrims of the Mind, and MC2.
  • Mind Kontrol Records - Independent label featuring cutting edge music, culture jamming, and more!
  • MRE RECORDS - musicians networking, independent artist music page, great music resources
  • Orbitmusic - Planetwide online performance area featuring independent musicians and underground labels on Custom CD.
  • Ostria Music - Greek independent record company. Available in Greek and English.
  • Outer Seventh Records - Web based record company designed to assist independent artists and bands.
  • PianoOne - New age piano music featuring Artist and Composer Kevin Asbjornson on the PianoOne recording label - relaxing music with a touch of jazz, soft rock and classical.
  • Planet Records - Founded by Arne N�ss together with Preben Bjonnes January 1999. The idea behind it all was to give the world the music it craves for. Namely catchy synthpop.
  • plastic factory - web-based independent label with a focus on experimental pop.
  • Possessive Blindfold Recordings - Harsh, dark, heavy electronic music for the New Cold War!
  • Punch Records Website - All the latest information on Ceili Rain, Ned Massey, Laura Powers, Billy McLaughlin, Jeff Arundel and The Swamp Honkys--some of the most "well-hidden" music of 1999.
  • Pure Music - Australian label specializing in "hi-nrg" dance music.
  • Record Labels on the Web - A perpetual attempt at a comprehensive list of links to record labels on the web. Thousands of links.
  • Room 3 Records - Scotland based record label who are also able to help with event management and live recordings. The site includes details of services, those involved and the label's background, plus the option to order online.
  • Russian Compact Disc - Large catalogue of Russian sacred, classical , and folk music.
  • Ryman Records - Offering custom compilations from their rap, hip-hop, reggae, funk, acid jazz, R&B and adult contemporary artists.
  • Saint Thomas Records - This label now offers its releases online. Bringing you the best in cutting-edge CDs, vinyl, cassettes, music videos ad films...specializing in Punk, Gothic, Darkwave, Psychedelic and the Golden Age of Silent Film.
  • Scratchie Records - Record label founded by members of the Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Serious Entertainment, Inc. - Record label site of Serious Entertainment, home of underground hip-hop from artists and djs such as Saukrates, Adam 12 and Erule.
  • Shimmy Disc - Record label for experimental and independent bands. Founded by Kramer, producer of Urge Overkill and Low.
  • SOME PLACE ELSE Finland - The record label for all mind-altering music, from power-ambient to psychedelic experimental electro to haunting gloom rock.
  • Sonic Images - Cristopher Franke's Studio Label. Home of Babylon 5 soundtracks.
  • Southbound Records - Record label for The Regulators.
  • Spoon Records and Official Can website - Spoon Records website, also home to Can (legendary german band of the 70's).
  • Street Gold Records, Doo-Wop and Classic Rock Music for today! - Doo-Wop and Oldies Rock; Featuring Stormy-Weather and other name artists; Two "Parent's Choice Award"-winning children's albums; Christmas albums available all year; Online ordering.
  • STUD!O K7 - dj-kicks: kruder & dorfmeister, carl craig, smith & mighty, dj cam etc. x-mix: dave clarke, kevin saunderson, richie hawtin etc. freestyle file and a lot of other cool stuff
  • Summit Records - Raphael Mendez and links.
  • Supreme Recordings - New music from Red House Painters & Spectacle
  • 5th Gear Records - An independent record label specializing in acoustic music
  • TMPB Recordings
  • tom - German label for electronic music
  • Transcendental Records - Transcendental Records is seeking ambient, electronic, experimental, and spoken word artists to record and promote in the United States.
  • Ultimate Dilemma Recordings - Cut and paste scratchadelic beats madness - Mixmag; home to artists on the break beat scene: Runaways, Jadell, 45 King, Tim Hutton and Common Ground: Artist information; sales of music, etc.
  • Welcome to J-BIRD RECORDS
  • Wiiija - Home to Cornershop, Bis, Mucho Macho and others. The site features regular news updates, real audio, on-line shopping, an in-depth label history, artist biogs and discographies and a good set of links.
  • World Talent Records - Record label based in Atlanta, GA specializing in blues, rock and metal music.Our website offers music, pics, bios and ordering info. We also have a great set of music resources.
  • Worldwide Recordings Limited - A search engine designed to provide information about music. It�s not a special label, but a database for independent artists, bands and new releases.

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