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  • Dr Plagiarist Online   - Dr. Plagiarist Online is an online magazine. It features young adult writers each with a unique theme. Runs smoother in IE 3-4.x and Netscape 4.x
  • The English Server   - The EServer (based in the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University) is a member-run cooperative that publishes over twenty thousand works, covering a wide range of interests in the arts and humanities.
  • After Dinner - A periodic collection of stories focusing on personal narrative.
  • AfterNoon Magazine - AfterNoon was one of the Internet's first literary e-zines. Poetry, short stories and interviews. Also the electronic art gallery Images and special sections.
  • AstroMind Magazine - AstroMind Magazine is produced through a collaboration of professional and student astrologers, inviting the reader to interact and taking the reader beyond popular and sun sign astrology into the realm of the professional consultant and cyclical life transformations. A free subscription is offered to anyone interested.
  • Atlantic Unbound - The Atlantic Monthly's home on the Internet, featuring current issues alongside web-specific content on travel, literature, politics, and digital culture.
  • Bead and Button Magazine - Patterns, projects and getting the magazine.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Online Home Page
  • Beyond-Adventure Magazine - Interactive Magazine. Adventures for your mind, adventures for your body.
  • bOING bOING Digital - Wonderful stories about the hidden worlds around us.
  • Bright Lights Film Journal - Bright Lights Film Journal is a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political. A prime area of focus is on the connection between capitalist society and the images that reflect, support, or subvert it -- movies as propaganda. Published quarterly. Written by curdled critics and excitable academics.
  • broken pencil - the guide to alternative culture in canada, features reviews of hundreds of zines, e-zines, journals, chap-books and newsletters from across the country, as well as excerpts and feature stories
  • Cardhouse Consumer Product - "this site roxx." Homepage/personal magazine. Back issues of the now-defunct X Magazine, The Future of Filler.
  • Chinese Books CyberStore - CBC carries over 200,000 Chinese books of P.R.C., Taiwan and Hong Kong. We also provide the most up-to-date cultural and publishing information and various means for browsing and searching. This site is written in Chinese language.
  • Chorus: Exploring New Media in the Arts and Humanities - CHORUS is an international "meta-resource" exploring and supporting the use of new media in the arts and humanities. It includes a general reviews section and several topical sections featuring reviews, original research, bibliographies, annotated links and Shockwave demonstrations.
  • Committment - Magazine for women on the Net.
  • datum online - international magazine for innovative developments in theatre, performance, media, visual art and literature; since 1994 on internet mainly in Dutch, English, German, some French
  • etc. arts culture music communications - Print distribution: Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. Acadiana to Zydeco.
  • Etcetra - Everything Under the Sun - Etcetra is a web only magazine started in India focussing towards young achievers, other entertainment information sources, computing, food, body and health, and movies.
  • The Famous Bill Austin Newsstand - Subscribe to a large list of magazines at this electronic newsstand. Visit the Famous Bill Austin's Home page while you are here.
  • FEED - The Web's leading independent magazine. Since its high-profile debut in 1995, FEED has become the Internet's most acclaimed voice on pop culture, technology, and politics, and the collision of all three.
  • fleapit.com - fleapit.com is "entertaining" entertainment for the 21st century. Music, films, showbiz and more will merge into one glorious site for those who enjoy their entertainment with a sense of humour and irony.
  • Galimatias. Revista biling�e / bilingual magazine - Welcome to GALIMATIAS, Literature Magazine. / Bienvenido a GALIMATIAS, revista de literatura.
  • GEIST - Geist Magazine is the Canadian magazine of ideas and culture. Canadian culture with a sense of humour.
  • Highlights on the Shadow - A site dedicated primarily to Maxwell Grant's pulp character, The Shadow, but also includes Operator 5, The Spider, The Avenger, and more! Includes many pulp magazine cover scans, memorabilia, articles, downloads, etc.
  • Hypatie - Hypatie, webzine de l'expression, de l'information et de l'imaginaire Hypatie, c'est d'abord et avant tout, une solution � un besoin de s'exprimer. Pour permettre l'�change d'opinions, pour rejoindre les gens et leur proposer des questionnements, pour d�battre et r�viser certaines affirmations, parfois de mani�re ironique, s�rieuse, humoristique, acerbe ou compl�tement farfelue... Au gr� des humeurs ou des �motions qu'inspirent les th�mes.
  • Il Scriptor Magazine - Site for Il Scriptor, a Sacramento, CA based humanities magazine featuring short stories, philosophy, poetry, etc. Site contains online archives, issue previews, issues in pdf format, ad info, and so forth.
  • John Labovitz's E-Zine-List. - The Web's premier list of electronic 'zines around the world - updated monthly.
  • *KiWi* Zine - If you're a girl who's sick of the typical zine, *KiWi* is for you. This site has no content as of November 22, but it looks like it has a lot of potential.
  • LeisureSuit.net - LeisureSuit.net is a Webzine for men packed with things like sex, humor, movies, music, politics . . . You know, the kinds of things guys like.
  • Literary Magazine - Literary: The magazine of Writing publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, puzzles website under construction cross-posted to "literature"--not sure exactly where this belongs.
  • MagMall - The Magazine Subscription Specialists - Largest family-friendly rated site offering links and subscriptions to 800+ magazines. Special corporate and student rates too. Link to MagMall today and earn 20 percent referral fees on all purchases.
  • Mind's Eye Fiction - Short stories and novels by professional authors. You can read the first part of each story for free, then you can either read ads or pay a small amount with e-commerce to see the ending.
  • Mizan - mizan is an turkish art magazine
  • MoJo Wire - Electronic companion to *Mother Jones*, a publication of the National Foundation for Progress, that strives to promote progressive causes through investigative journalism.
  • N D - Magazine from Austin, Texas focusing on experimental and adventurous music. Published twice yearly. Reviews recordings and publications. Lists Mail Art projects.
  • Ni�os del Sol Entertainment Tribe - Bringing together people of diverse urban backgrounds through common interests in music, poetry, literature, art, fashion and the knowledge that we are all one under the sun!
  • On the Issues - Online version of On The Issues, a feminist, humanist magazine, full of progressive feminist voices and critical thinking (but with a sense of humor)
  • OSCAR - Gay-friendly Lifestyle Magazine - A tasteful and well-designed site with contributed articles and entertainment news. Site is in early development stage. Worth bookmarking and joining mailing list.
  • pain killer, inc. - A pixelated forum for off-kilter commentary, random bursts of fiction, photography, art, and film. We try to entertain ourselves here, but if we happen to stimulate other refugee children of the seventies and early eighties, so be it.
  • POEMATA magazine - POEMATA is the magazine of the CPA and features articles, news, and poetry by members, markets and contests.
  • The Potting Shed - Online gardening magazine. - Information for the novice & advanced gardener with tips, how-to illustrations, & what to do in the garden right now. Local groups, activities and announcements pages.
  • Renaissance Online Magazine - Diversity on the Internet. Monthly magazine featuring entertainment features and reviews, news commentary, sports, politics, humor, original fiction and poetry, and more.
  • Salon Magazine - Daily e-zine covering entertainment, news, travel, and digital culture.
  • Sewerscape - Sewerscape is an arts magazine featuring living, breathing artists from all over the world. Content includes a bi-weekly feature article, regular columnists, and featured pieces from our growing stable of artists.
  • The Slack Zine - Slackgirls.com is home to one of AOL's most successful e-zines, The Slack Zine. It's free, "a little different than the norm," funny and entertaining! It features music, fashion and more! Popular among the teens and twentysomething crowd.
  • Southern Accents Magazine - Southern Accents Online features fine interiors and gardens in the South; our regular features cover the latest design trends, antiques, travel, events, and the arts. We seek to portray a gracious, cultured, sophisticated South to readers who have pride in their communities and value their heritage. Our goal is to make the subject matter of our Web site very accessible to our readers; while we are celebrating the finest of Southern life, we emphasize interiors and design ideas that are attainable. By showcasing each generation of designers, artisans,community supporters, we hope to inspire all who wish to enhance the enjoyment of their lives.
  • Sparks - Literature e-zine in Adobe Acrobat format. Fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, reviews, criticism, interviews.
  • SPIKE - Picking The Brains Of Popular Culture - A long-established, cutting edge UK zine about books, people and ideas.
  • The Sun - A Magazine of Ideas - Each month, The Sun publishes essays, stories, interviews, and poetry of people who write of their struggle to understand their lives, often baring themselves with surprising intimacy. Our writers aren't afraid to take risks, to look at something ugly - or beautiful - and describe it honestly.
  • SurReview - "Stranger than non-fiction," this 'zine reviews a variety of (usually) fictitious products and services.
  • Switch Magazine - An internet Canadian publication, Switch magazine reviews films, music, Canadian festivals - such as the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, Montreal & Toronto's Fant-Asia Film Festival, as well as literature & visual arts.
  • Tag Magazine - Tag is a magazine for people who want to make their mark. It is about having something unique to say, the pleasure of finding someone who agrees with your perspective and the thrill of finding someone who doesn't. Tag has a downtown urban vibe--written by young people making their own way outside of the mainstream.
  • theProp.com - Weekly guide to the best Writing and Arts on the web including poetry, fiction, humor, photography, news, commentary, film reviews, books and more; annotated links sections and discussions
  • Travelwriters.com - A resource for travel writers. Rates, guidelines and contact information for 800 travel publications.
  • TW3 - A Magazine For Readers
  • The Ultimate Magazine Database - The Ultimate Magazine Database: over 3,000 magazines, newspapers, journals, and ezines, and over 850 discount magazine subscriptions
  • Welcome to the Electronic Newsstand - Commercial magazine clearinghouse. Links.
  • Xenith - e-zine for writing addicts, publishing the uncensored stories, poems, essays, plays, serials, rants, and thoughts of teens and young adults.
  • ZENtertainment - Source for the entertainment junkie. News, previews, and reviews for music, TV, Film, Print, Attractions, Toys, Games, and more. Available as a free newsletter.

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