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  • The Poet Speaks of Art   - A fascinating site built on the premise of the connection between poetry and painting, with a large selection of poems by various authors combined with online reproductions (in JPEG format) of the images which inspired/provoked them.
  • Poetry Daily   - " . . . online web anthology and bookstore. A new poem every day . . . ." A good introduction to poetry today, this site focuses on the mainstream of contemporary poetry, with regular news features, an archive of previously featured poems and poets, and brief "featured journal" coverage.
  • The Academy of American Poets - " . . . the largest organization in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, supports American poets at all stages of their careers . . . [to] foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry." This comprehensive website is an excellent internet starting-point for anyone interested in contemporary American poetry, poets and poetics.
  • Bad Poetry - An introduction to bad poetry, though not necessarily by bad poets, with texts of various exemplary poems. As selected and annotated by Professor Seamus Cooney at Western Michigan University.
  • The Bat Poet Page - Sundry poems about bats. That's right--bats.
  • Book Stacks' 1997 Poetry Exhibit - A website created at Books.com for the celebration of National Poetry Month in 1997. Includes numerous onsite resources related to poetry, including the texts of poems by various authors, bibliographical material, and suchlike, as well as many links to further offsite resources.
  • Comprepoetica - ". . . officially opened 12 October 1997. At the heart of it is a survey form for poets, critics, editors, publishers and readers of poetry. Its main purpose is to provide data for the biographical entries in the Comprepoetica Dictionary of Contemporary American Poetry, Poetics and Poets, which will eventually be published by the Runaway Spoon Press . . . ."
  • DayTips' Poem-a-Day - "From Walt Whitman to Carolyn Forche, we send a poem by exceptional poets (with brief bio and commentary) to your e-mail in-box daily Monday through Friday." The service is ad-supported and free.
  • Electronic Poetry Center - "The EPC serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced at the University at Buffalo [New York] as well as elsewhere on the Internet." Includes an extensive audio-file library as well as links to further poetry resources.
  • Erin's Poetry Palace - A personally-built website devoted to poetry, these pages include several sections devoted to specific poets, a large selection of texts of favorite poems , essays on the reading, study and discussion of poems, and a small but discriminating selection of links to poetry-related websites on the 'net.
  • Favorite Poem Project - "The Favorite Poem Project is an invitation to all Americans to send along a favorite poem, along with a short paragraph describing the reasons for choosing it. The emphasis is on the poetic inclinations of ordinary people."
  • Forgotten Ground Regained - "Poetry is not just for poets . . . . This site is for those who think poetry can be more than confessional free verse or recycled Victorian sentiment - whether poets, educated readers, or the casual poetic websurfer. It is both a webzine and a poetry resource: It contains original poems, essays, translations, links to alliterative poems on the web and original medieval epics and verse romances . . . ."
  • Isle of Lesbos: Lesbian Poetry - An extensive selection of lesbian poetry by various authors, beginning with Sappho up to more contemporary poets, mostly by women.
  • KHpoetry - A section, devoted to poetry, of Professor Ken Hope's Home on a Page personal homepage --includes an extensive "anthology" of poetry in English, both older and more contemporary, a section of Classical poetry (i.e., ancient Greek and Roman), and a small section on Chinese Poetry, as well as a section devoted to criticism.
  • Mathematical Poetry - A Small Anthology - A fascinating selection of poems by various poets based on the seemingly incongruous aesthetic and theme of mathematics.
  • Poem of The Day - at killdevilhill.com. Features an online chat, and users can sign up to have the selected poem automatically delivered to their mailboxes daily.
  • Poems on the Underground: The Website - The official website of the British-founded organization which publishes poetry in unique venues--with posters or broadsides on public transport.
  • "Poetry" - Marianne Moore's famous poem.
  • Poetry Cafe - "Publishes contemporary poetry, promotes literary community, & maintains an online library of internet resources. Collections include well known & new authors in text, video & audio. Internet broadcasts celebrate poetry, poets, & the audience. Free poetry & other surprises."
  • Poetry Society of America - The official website of the non-profit organization devoted to the fostering and promotion of poetry in the United States.
  • A Poetry-Lover's Guide to the World Wide Web - "90 great poems expressing love, tenderness, despair, wistfulness, rage; 65 links to other web poetry collections and guides." A personal website, somewhat disorganized, but very eclectic and also large, with links to numerous online texts and resources.
  • Poets Anonymous - "Los Angeles based organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry in everyday life. Campaigns include . . . billboards with thoughtfully picked lines of poetry placed around Los Angeles."

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