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  • Book - The Magazine for the Reading Life - "At bookmagazine.com you'll be able to read selected articles ... "
  • The Book Exchange Home Page - A place to trade, swap, or exchange books.
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  • BookBrowser: The Guide for Avid Readers - "A collection of fiction reading lists, book reviews, and forthcoming titles." Sorted by genre, authors, etc.
  • 1-BOOKMARK.COM - Our carefully selected assortment of web sites can satisfy all your book needs with just one bookmark!
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  • Canada Book Day - Coming April 23 - "Make a date with a good book."
  • The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations - An historical overview of great texts and books of the West.
  • The Electronic Labyrinth - This website both utilizes and focuses upon the medium of hypertext as it relates to literature and its concrete manifestations--from palimpsests to mechanically printed books to CD-ROMs--throughout history to the present, with speculation on the future.
  • FREE ON-LINE BOOKS - The better on-line libraries of the www. Down-up the books which you prefer totally free
  • Good Books Reading Club, 4th graders - A reading program of 4th grade students from the Bilingual Dept. of N.E.H.S.
  • Internet Book Information Center (IBIC) - Comprehensive, opinionated source for information about books.
  • The Italian Futurist Book - "This is an online exhibition of Italian Futurist books, famous for their innovative uses of typography and graphic design, from the years 1909-1944."
  • Journey Of The Wild Geese - Copyright holder of book, Journey Of The Wild Geese: A Quaker Romance In War-Torn Europe, describes his book and how to buy it.
  • Judge a Book By its Cover - It's time to support Black authors & ethnic stories 1st for a change! It's time to get people reading some indisputable entertaining stories. You know the ones that we'll never find being promoted in our "mainstream-majority-rules-everything-politically-correct" media. Books that you have to find out about in Essence, Heart & Soul, & Latina magazine.
  • MSN Entertainment Channel Guide to Today's Books - News from the literary world, bestsellers, topical features, and reading lists on a variety of subjects.
  • Places for Publishers - A resource site for writers, publishers, and publicists with links, articles, discussions and much more
  • The Planets and Their Children - An online facsimile of a medieval "blockbook" of popular astrology.
  • Somewhere In Time Sequel - Memoirs of Elise is a sequel/prequel to the 1980 movie, Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Memoirs of Elise is the story of what happened to Elise McKenna after Richard Collier disappeared from her life.
  • Steve's World: Book Index - Index of book stores & publishers all over the internet.

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