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  • Author Webliography - " . . . contains pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers."
  • Authors' Calendar - A uniquely designed website that organizes literary-historical biographies--extensively cross-indexed with hypertext links--of numerous recognized authors by their birthdates.
  • Authors 'N Books - "Information on over 3,000 authors who wrote 85,000 books using over 8,500 pen names and pseudonyms and their first edition check lists." Includes an alphabetical listing, a list of books (many collector's items) for sale, and links to further resources.
  • Authors on bookreporter.com - "Book lists, interviews, reviews and excerts from leading authors of various genres."
  • Authors on the Web - "This page is an attempt to bring together literary author biographies available on the World Wide Web. The biographies vary in quality, timeliness, length, and authority."
  • Booknotes.org - "A companion web site to C-SPAN's Sunday author interview series . . . ."
  • Catharton Authors - Detailed link listing of authors. Must have knowledge of surname rather than book or genre.
  • Classics at the Online Literature Library - The Online Literature Library's archived electronic texts available online, indexed by author.
  • Great Writers and Poets - Award-winning authors and their Home Pages.
  • Librarie - A "graphically enriched virtual library with multi-page sites dedicated to various writers and thinkers. Bibliographies and biographies included. Avant-garde/Modernist slant."
  • Luminarium.org - "This site combines three sites created in 1996 to provide a starting point for students and enthusiasts of English literature." Aniina Jokinen's scholarly and entertaining take on Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century English literature. Includes often detailed pages on numerous authors from each period.
  • Names Index - Diverse and long list of author pages.
  • ReadersNdex Search Engine - "ReadersNdex aims to provide the most up-to-date information about your favorite authors and titles."
  • Writers Write Author Directory - Online directory of author websites.

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