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  • Legends   - "Exploring Legends in History, Folklore, Literature, Fiction, and the Arts." Gorgeous design and wonderful research source. Very well done.
  • Myths and Legends   - Aside from the General and Creatures of Myth and Legend sections, these links are organized by region and language group, with those groups which produced written accounts of their myths and legends earlier, generally appearing closer to the beginning
  • The Amazons - "Is there more behind this famous myth than mere fantasy? Join in a virtual archaeological voyage of discovery!"
  • Classical Myth: Homepage - "This site is designed to draw together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology."
  • Creation Stories and Traditional Wisdom - "We would like to hear the versions which this generation of school children has come to know, to build up a collection of such stories from kids around the world. Each story will be published here along with the name/s of the student/s who submitted it and school details (if you wish). Stories will also be available via e-mail for those without Web access."
  • Creative Minds Mythology Ezine - Updated monthly, this ezine focuses on different cultures and their mythology.
  • Folklore, Myth and Legend - Excellent links guide to Folklore (of all kinds) and Mythology sources.
  • FyreLyght's Realm o' Pagans - An online publishing page dedicated to exposing Pagan authors.
  • Joseph Campbell Foundation - Promote mythological education by creating and disseminating educational materials and training teachers
  • Middle Eastern Culture: Myths, Music, More - Introduction to the culture of the Middle East, including mythology, music, and other topics.
  • Mythography - message forum
  • Mythological Booklist - Mythological Booklist webpage includes sources for all categories of mythology.This is a reading/source list for a variety of mythological subjects. The sources cited have been collected from a variety of sources including posts made to Usenet newsgroups like alt.mythology. Very comprehensive.
  • Mythology of the Constellations - Greek and Roman star mythology.
  • Mythology Resources Index - More than 200 titles on mythology on all levels - introductory works to more advanced.
  • Parabola Magazine - Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning - Parabola is a quarterly not-for-profit journal devoted to the study of the myths, traditions, rituals, symbols and arts of the world's spiritual traditions.
  • Start of the Hero's Journey - "This travel case and this web site is for anyone that wants to take the journey of story, following the path of the Hero's Journey, the classic mythical structure popularized by the works of writer Joseph Campbell."
  • SunSpider Earth Dream Guide - Epic verse tales exploring dawn of dreamtime.

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