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  • Alan Liu's VoS English Literature   - "Voice of the Shuttle 'English Literature' includes works written in English taught in departments of English and American literature." This is a "no frills" site, but it just might be the most comprehensive Literature/Humanities resource available online.
  • British and Irish Authors on the Web - Divided by time period
  • The British Library - Check out this site's "Digital Library" collection of early manuscripts.
  • British Poetry 1780-1910 - A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions: Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia.
  • Early Manuscripts at Oxford University - Digital facsimiles of complete manuscripts, scanned directly from the originals: Ancient papyri (from Herculaneum)| Celtic manuscripts| Other medieval manuscripts| Consolidated list of manuscript shelfmarks|
  • English Literature & Religion - bibliography in PDF format and a nice links page
  • History of English Studies Page - "In a way, this page is being produced as a response to the growing number of on-line text archives throughout the web, and I hope that it will provide a different point of entry into the murky waters of canon debates."
  • MIT Libraries: Literature Resources - This is a collection of internet resources devoted primarily to English and American literatures.
  • The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, UVa - listed by author
  • The Orlando Project - The Orlando Project: An Integrated History of Women's Writing in the British Isles.
  • Scottish Writers - "Packed with links and info. The essential guide to Scottish writing, past and present." edited by Andrew Crumey
  • STARN - "The Scots Teaching And Research Network collects and makes available through the World Wide Web a selection of Scottish literary and non-literary materials: prose, poetry, drama, criticism and commentary."

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