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  • The English Server   - "The English Server's primary function is to publish texts in the arts and humanities. Our collections include art, architecture, drama, fiction, poetry, history, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, women's studies and music ... "
  • Voice of the Shuttle   - No-frills site created and maintained by Alan Liu ... might be the most comprehensive Humanities resource available online.
  • AHDS: Homepage - Arts and Humanities Data Service
  • Arts & Letters Daily - "An updated report of news and reviews in the field of Arts and Letters -- the latest trends, breakthroughs, disputes, and gossip."
  • Critical Theory and Cultural Studies - "Cultural studies draws from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and cultural practices."
  • CTI Centre for Textual Studies - "Supporting: Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Classics, Film & Media Studies, Theatre Arts and Drama. Part of the University of Oxford's Humanities Computing Unit ... "
  • Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography - Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
  • English Server Drama Collection - Long Plays, Short Plays, Critiques, links to classic and new drama
  • ETD - "The site's most important feature is a directory of most (maybe not quite all) of the ETDs that are currently in progress in the various disciplines that comprise the academic humanities."
  • Film and Television - Excellent collection of papers re: the influence and effect media has on culture from The English Server
  • Humanitarian Literature on the Web - Check out the alphabetical listings of papers and articles related to Humanities Literature brought to you from the Univ. of Wales.
  • Literary Theory Page [VoS] - Exceptional Voice of the Shuttle research resource.
  • Secular Web - "The most comprehensive site about agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, and rationalism on the Web."
  • Streaming Audio and Video Recordings - "This site, will now be dedicated to posting audio and video recordings in the arts and humanities, to the same communities our text collections have served for the past seven years." Requires Windows Media Player or Real Audio
  • Word Electronic Text Library: Read or Download Books Online - Free books to the public. Download books, articles, poems, and texts online.

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