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  • Andy's Art Attack! - Portfolio and large resource site for digital art and web design. Free graphics, tutorials, links, and more.
  • Artlandia - Artlandia constructs graphic designs from a user-written program. Features the means for "automatic" generation of attractive patterns. Extensively used for surface design, particularly, textile designs. Requires Mathematica.
  • Design & Print Graphix Website - Our Services:, img, Graphic Design, Graphic Artist, Web Design, HTML, commercial art, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Corel, Adobe, Meta Creations, Photography, Illustration, Computer Graphics, 3D graphics, 3D design, and general graphics magic
  • i/us : Your graphics community, emphasizing Adobe Photoshop plug-in compatible products - The essential online resource for users of graphics and publishing tools for Web or print, with an emphasis on Adobe Photoshop plug-in compatible products
  • PEI Magazine - PEI is the authoritative electronic imaging magazine. Extensive Tutorials, tools, articles.
  • Up All Nite - A collection of original Bryce 3D images and graphics, free backgrounds, a book/CD store, many useful links for digital artist from free actions/filters to 3D wireframes.

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