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  • Celebrity Fantasy Crush - Lets visitors vote for their favorite celbs and keeps a real-time ranking of the top ten.
  • The Celebrity Times - Get your celebrity gossip today! Humor/parody tabloid-style site.
  • Celebrity Watch - Reach for the stars...or write to them, or just keep track of them in the news. Includes games and addresses.
  • Comedians - Meet the folks who really know how to yuck it up -- and get paid well to do it. The Passowrd brings you up close and personal with some of the funniest contemporary and classic minds spanning over various media. Read interviews, quotes and the latest news affecting the stars in the world of comedy.
  • The Film 100 - A ranking of the 100 most influential people in the history of cinema. The Film 100 is an entertainment and education site containing a large collection of biographical information, film studies, interactive demos, and web links related to the ideas and innovations that made the greatest impact on the art of filmmaking.
  • Mr. Showbiz: Celebrities
  • MSN Entertainment Channel Celebrity News - Celebrity news, gossip, feature stories, and interviews, plus a schedule of celebrity events on the Web!
  • Netcenter Celebrities Channel - Links, news, profiles and stories from Entertainment Tonight Online.
  • Seeing Stars in Hollywood - A comprehensive guide to Hollywood celebrities - where they live, shop, play, eat, sleep, attend church, and where they are buried; where they went to school; and et cetera. More than you'd ever want to know about celebrities you'll find here, plus lots of other interesting things to do and see if you're ever in Hollywood.
  • 50SomeThing - A fun informative site for the over fifty, but not over the hill crowd.
  • TRAP: The Real ASCII Page - Gallery of original ASCII artwork (images created by using text only) of famous people.
  • Women Celebrities - A ressource site concerning famous women on the web. Includes celebsites for hundreds of women, fan mails, birthdates, autographs, a mall, a forum, cyberpostcards, trivia. All Free.

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