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  • Help free the 13 arrested Jews in Iran   - Join both the U.S. and Israel governments in condemning the arrest of 13 Jews in Iran accused of "world arrogance" and of spying for the "Zionist regime." Demand their immediate release by adding your name to the online petition which will be sent to the Islamic Republic of Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations. You can also e-mail the President of Iran.
  • ajf.net, les annonces gratuites du judaisme francophone. - Les petites annonces gratuites du judaisme francophone. Achetez, vendez, louez, donnez, echangez...
  • All Jewish at Zipple.com! - Explore Judaism, Israel and the Holocaust at Zipple.com - The Jewish SuperSite! Where CyberSpace is JewishSpace. Celebrate Holidays, meet Jewish singles, and learn about the Jewish religion, history and culture.
  • American Jewish Historical Society - Archives and museum of American Jewish history.
  • Ask Yenta - The purpose of this website is to allow interesting, fun, and informational interaction with everyone. Your feedback is not only welcome but encouraged. Please feel free to share your wisdom, criticism, and ideas.
  • Beth Hatefutsoth - The Israel Diaspora Museum - Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel, covering the history of Jewish communities in all parts of the world. (I spent 2 days in this museum; it was a lot more interesting than I expected. -- Ed.)
  • BibiWatch - Hebrew/Jewish newsletter.
  • bunder.com: wedding 98 - Online Jewish wedding Web site for Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook detailing their plans of getting married on September 6 1998 at Lincoln Square Synagogue, New York having come all the way from London, England. News, pictures and more.
  • Cholent Society - The biggest cholent ever????
  • Congregation aish kodesh of Woodmere - Aish kodesh On-line community, Rav Moshe Weinberger on Torah Tapes for $ale
  • Documents of Jewish Belief - A collection of seminal documents about the varied forms of Jewish belief and religious streams compiled by journalist A. Engler Anderson.
  • Dwelling Place-The Site For The Growing - Kids Can Play Fun Jewish Games. (java-script enabled browser required)
  • Fresh Challah - An essay by writer Sergio Troncoso. Links to his short stories on the Web. News on current publications, including The Last Tortilla and Other Stories.
  • GenerationJ--The Site for Jewish 20Somethings - This webzine is updated 3 times a week featuring articles on all issues that are important to the Jewish GenXer. It is published by Jewish Family & Life!, the largest producer of original Jewish online content.
  • Hamaayan / The Torah Spring
  • Harry Leichter's collection of Jewish Humor and Jokes - So NU, you were looking for Jewish Humor and Jokes, well you have come to the right place, so enjoy already.
  • Harry Leichter's Jewish Stuff Page - Welcome to the best Jewish Stuff Website to find everything you could ask for. Continually being updated for your pleasure.
  • Humanistic Judaism
  • Jewish America's Home Page - Jewish interest, information, products, and services. Presenting the VIBRANCE of Torah life
  • Jewish Comedy Review - The Banana Rebel Troupe - Jewish comedy review. Original sketches songs, musical numbers. Jewish humor with an alternative slant. A forum for budding actors and writers, raising money for charity.
  • Jewish Communication Network
  • Jewish Community Online - Web presence of the popular Jewish Community on America Online, Keyword: Jewish. Offers a pleasant design as well as pleasant content.
  • Jewish Connection - Rebbe photos, Torah quiz, parsha page, info on Israel, Peace poll, pollard, hebron, har homa and more
  • Jewish Family & Life!--Multimedia with Meaning - A parenting webzine that is the main site of a conglomerate of nearly 20 sites covering all aspects of Jewish life, including food, health, parenting, books, and more. It is published by Jewish Family & Life!, the largest producer of original Jewish online content.
  • ! Jewish Net- FREE INTERNET ACCESS - Jewish Net offere free webspace, free e-mail, free internet access and much more including content and resources for the UK's Jewish Community
  • Jewish Sports Webzine - A website featuring news, columns, and profiles about Jewish and Israeli sports and athletes. It is published by Jewish Family & Life!, the largest producer of original Jewish online content.
  • Jewish Student Online Research Center (JSOURCE) - Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism.
  • JewishPath: Essays Pertaining to Self Improvement - Jewish / Judaism Torah Learning of Gematria, Mysticism, with special emphasis placed in the areas of Medos, Self Improvement, blended with stories and humor.
  • JGL: Jewish Genealogy Links - A list of several hundred Jewish Genealogy Links, cross-indexed by subject.
  • Judaica by Steven K. Lorch, Ph.D. - Links to various Judaic sites both religious and cultural. TANACH, Talmud, holocaust, organizations and communities.
  • Judaism - Weekly articles from a Chabad perspective, with discussion areas.
  • Judaism and Jewish Resources - A page of Jewish web links in an English prose format. This page is carefully maintained, to repair or remove broken links.
  • Judaism Site - Newest Sites, Jewish Jokes and Serious Articles (from the About.com Guide)
  • Judaism's Truth Answers the Missionaries - This book allows Jews to respond to missionaries proof-texts and know the Torah from the Jewish viewpoint.
  • JVibe--A Jewish Teen Online Community - This teen site features chats, discussions, articles, and more. It aims to build a multinational community of Jewish teenagers online. It is published by Jewish Family & Life!, the largest producer of original Jewish online content.
  • Kabbalah Connection - Rabbi Chaim Dalfin offers books tapes and classes on kabbalah
  • Kotel Kam - See the Western Wall live from Virtual Jerusalem. Don't miss out seeing the Kotel 24 hours a day. Send a prayer directly to the Kotel - through our free service. Through VJ you can also get all the Jewish and Israeli news from the heart of the Jewish people - Jerusalem.
  • Kresel's Korner - Jewish Women's Issues, as explained by a Jewish woman who lives it.
  • Mazaltov.net, club de rencontre gratuit du judaisme francophone. - Le premier club de rencontre gratuit du judaisme francophone. Passez vos voeux sur le carnet de famille. Recherchez une personne perdue de vue dans retrouvailles.
  • Mesora - Sources for Authentic Bible Philosophy & Jewish Law - Dedicated to the Scriptural and Rabbinic Verification of Jewish Beliefs and Practices, and to the re-unification of ALL people in the service of the One G-d.
  • Moshiach Online - Moshiach for Dummies, Questions and Answers, Ask a Question, Books on Moshiach, Weekly Message and much more
  • Moshiach.Net - Moshiach in CyberSpace. Weekly audio classes. Miracles in our times. Moshiach sound bytes. Moshiach for the Blind. Questions and Answers.
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York - Learn all about this fascinating Holocaust Museum in New York City, (from the About.com Guide)
  • Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience - A private, not-for-profit corporation which interprets, documents, and preserves the long and rich tradition of Jewish life in the South through exhibits, public programs, publications, historic preservation, and community outreach.
  • Official Torah Codes - Scientific analysis of the Bible Code
  • Oter Israel-manufacturer of quality Tefillin - Proof-reading, checking & repairing old Torah scrolls, Mezuzaha & Tefillin.
  • Scrolls From the Dead Sea - Library of Congress' Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.
  • Shaarey Zekek Cookbooks - Favorite recipes handed down from one generation to another.
  • Shabbat Shalom - Shabbat observances from a family perspective.
  • Shamash - Shamash: The Jewish Internet Consortium. Central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art Internet tools to Jewish organizations and individuals who maintain Web sites and/or discussion forums for the benefit of the Jewish community
  • SimchaSites - Your Simcha on the Web - Put your Simcha (special event) on the web for the whole world to see. Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, bris', and others.
  • Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ and Recommended Reading Lists - Mammoth collection of answers to questions about Judaism (and the soc.culture.jewish Usenet group.) Reading lists on a variety of topics. Opinions of all denominations are represented equally.
  • TalkingTorah Magazine of Jewish Study - A monthly web magazine dedicated to Torah study, and Jewish faith issues in modern life.
  • TalmudTorah.Org - TalmudTorah.Org New Media is your source for information regarding Judaism including Jewish Tradition, current events, politics, and community happenings among others.
  • Temple Mount in Jerusalem, The - Highlighting scientific and archaeological research concerning the location of the first and second Jewish temples.
  • THESHUL.COM - Bais Medrash Of Harborview - Welcome to the Bais Medrash of Harboriew! We are located in the heart of Lawrence, NY and have the prestigious Rabbi Kalish as our Rav.
  • Virtual Beis Hamikdash - A 3D view of the Holy Temple
  • VirtualJerusalem.com - The Jewish world from the heart of Israel
  • VJ World - Read all about the different Jewish communities throughout the world. See the statistics and view the Jewish history of each community. You can even sign up for your Jewish penpal. Come home to VJ, with all the Jewish and Israeli news from the heart of the Jewish people - Jerusalem.
  • Window on the Wall - A live image of the Western Wall photographed from atop the Aish HaTorah World Center in Jerusalem.
  • www.thekosher.net - Your Safe & Kosher Link to the Information Super Highway - Kosher filtered Internet access for the Jewish families & businesses, all offensive sites are restricted, the gateway for Jewish sites on the Internet. Custom web design.
  • The Yahrzeit Organization - Helping You Remember the Souls of the Past
  • The Yiddish Homepage
  • Yiddishkeit - The World Torah Review - A quarterly educational journal known as "The Jewish Reader's Digest".

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