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  • No Chew Cookbook   - We all have to admit it, but there's some solace in knowing that this site is there to help!
  • Baby Boom - A history of the Baby Boom Generation
  • Baby Boomer Homepage. - A great place for boomers to visit....often
  • Baby Boomers at Suite101.com - Chuck Nyren's Boomers page at Suite 101.com
  • Baby Boomers Club
  • Body Care - Fountain-of-Youth type products that aid in a long an healthy life
  • BOOM!: E-zine for Baby Boomers - BOOM! - a light E-zine for baby boomers, is a collection of witty articles on topical and nostalgic themes with lively comments. What happens when the generation which could trust no one over thirty turns fifty ? Join the thoughts, grounded and otherwise, of Marcia Brown Rubinstien as she observes the world of the nineties through the lens of the sixties.
  • BOOM!: Mall for Baby Boomer Grandparents - babyBOOM! is a Mall with stacks of interest to Baby Boomer grandparents. Carefully chosen items of interest to Baby Boomer grandparents, are organized by topics in stacks.
  • BOOM!: Mall for Baby Boomers - BOOM! is a Mall with freebies and deeply discounted items of interest to baby boomers.
  • Boomer Humor - Unique gifts such as t-shirts and mugs with humorous cartoons and captions poking fun at the bbaby boomer generation.
  • The Boomer Initiative - The Boomer Initiative - also known as American Association of Baby Boomers - an organization dedicated to those born between 1946 and 1964
  • Boomers Domain - Web Design and Graphics - Web Design, Graphics, Streaming Audio and Video, Perl, JavaScript and to top it off, Hosting. A community of fellow web surfers.
  • Boomer's Fifties Teen Idol Magazine - A baby boomer site featuring the fifties, teen idol magazines, teen idols, fifties singers, fifties fashion, fifties makeup, and fifties history, sixties.
  • Boomer's Information Kiosk - Boomer's Information Kiosk the definitive website for the 'Over The Hill Gang'
  • Boomers' Place
  • CABB - Canadian Association of Boomers Inc.
  • CARPTravel - Retired Canadians - One-stop shopping for 50+ Canadians on all travel needs - 5% discount on most cruises and tours for C.A.R.P. members - travel Canada!
  • EDUFAX-for all the facts about your education. - For children of Baby Boomers - Assistance to college / private boarding / graduate school applicants in applications / essays / test prep (GRE, LCAT, MCAT, GMAT, SAT, PSAT, ACT) / selection. International, American, re-entry, transfer, LD student.
  • Fifty-Plus.net - The ultimate internet destination for Canadians over 50. Online home of CARP..... Canada's National Association for the Fifty-Plus, a national advocacy organization with more than 370,000 members across Canada
  • Folks Online
  • Grand Times - Grand Times...a unique weekly magazine published for active older adults. Controversial, entertaining and informative, we celebrate life's opportunities and examine life's challenges.
  • ICQ List - Boomers Network - This is the home of the boomers ICQ list for persons born between 1946 and 1964.
  • International Association of Baby Boomers Plus - IABB Plus is an association for Baby Boomers and their children...organized to maximize the collective influence of over 148 million members.
  • Jan's Courtyard - fifties and sixties oldies music, poodle skirts, soda shops, animation, records, drive-in's, twist, doo wop, hula hoop, other pages include haunted houses, halloween, aliens, cavemen, swamp critters, fun family entertainment
  • Middle Age Canada - A great place for middleagers to surf the net with news, site of the day, search, and interesting websites including sailing, theatre, non-urban living, baby boomers info, golfing, baseball and outdoor lifestyles
  • Over The Hill Gang, International - Ski club for 50+
  • Platinum Pearls - Platinum Pearls is a pathway to a more fulfilling life. Workshops, retreats, quality of life programs that address the medical and financial aspects of midlife baby boomers. Spiritual, emotional and creative dimensions make us whole.
  • Senior Lifestyle - .. it's fun to be fifty-something.
  • Senior Living at the Mining Co. - Growing old is a personal and varied experience for seniors and their families. Helpful information is here. From The Mining Co.
  • Spectrum Tidbits
  • ThirdAge ... the Web for GrownUps - ThirdAge.com is a website helping a generation change what it means to be 45, 55, 65. ThirdAgers are smart, adventurous and pursuing passions, and ThirdAge.com provides the tools and resources to help. ThirdAge offers help on everything from re-igniting your marriage to feeling fit and fantastic; taking control of finances to pursuing a dream career; finding a new love to making the most of a computer.
  • Those Were the Days - Today in history. A daily summary of news factoids, famous birthdays and hit music that happened on this day in history.
  • Timothy Leary's Home Page - You remember him from the 60's, right?
  • Who's Who of the Haight-Ashbury Era - Short biographies on the people involved with the Haight-Ashbury

  • Usenet alt.society.boomers - news:
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