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  • Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory - The main list of amateur radio "Elmers." Elmers are the kindly gurus of amateur radio.
  • Calgary Amateur Radio Association - Alberta, Canada
  • CCARS home page. - Organisation, activites and news on Chinese Canadian Amateur Radio Society and related links.
  • FISTS CW Club - FISTS is an international society for the preservation of Morse Code. FISTS has help for new hams, hams wanting to practice CW, and sponsors various contests. Accuracy transcends speed; courtesy at all times; when you've worked a FISTS, you've worked a friend.
  • Lancaster Amateur Radio Club - Lancaster Amateur Radio Club is located in Lancaster, New York. Ham Radio is our hobby. WE sponsor the Greater Buffalo "Winter" Hamfest held in February and the Greater Buffalo " Summer" hamfest which is held in August. Our web site contains everything you would like to know about the terrific hobby of Ham Radio.
  • Lancaster Amateur Radio Club-Greater Buffalo Hamfest - Lancaster Amateur Radio Club, Lancaster New York, hosts the Greater Buffalo Hamfests , Februaru and August, hamradio, hamfest,buffalo

  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.antenna - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.boatanchors - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.dx - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.equipment - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.homebrew - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.misc - news: - DejaNews - Remarq
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.policy - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.space - news:
  • Usenet alt.radio.amateur.club.clarc - news:
  • Usenet alt.radio.amateur.club.taparc - news:
  • Usenet rec.radio.amateur.digital.misc - news:

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