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  • A.C.E.S - Advanced Cosmetology Educational Services for the licensed professional cosmetologist and salon owner. Also includes links to a club with message board and chat to interact with other professionals.
  • Beech Sandal Co. - Exotic perfumes, lingerie, skin rejuvenators, and pedicure products etc.
  • Body Maintenance Skin, Body and Hair Care - Comprehensive personal care with over 33 natural products for the face, hair and body.
  • The Body Shop - Provides information on their campaigns, values, company and skin & hair care products.
  • Cosmetic surgery for skin conditions - For patients considering cosmetic surgery for skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, stretch marks, keloids, fine lines or scars, a new treatment is available. A new dermatological techinque
  • CyberIsland of Shiseido - Japanese Company offering skin care, cosmetics, and fragrance products.
  • Expert laser tattoo removal - Expert laser tattoo removal with breakthrough laser technology by Dr. Robert Greenberg, a board-certified dermatologist.
  • Hawaii's on-line catalog - Hawaii's on-line catalog of tropical fragrances, aloe products, tanning aides, tanning tips and organic skin therapy products. Secure online ordering.
  • Ilynna's Garden - Health and beauty through a holistic approach. Includes an on-line macrobiotic cookbook, recipes for natural cosmetic preparations and many more ways to a healthier, better and more sustainable living.
  • Jil Jordan - Offering bath, body and personal care products
  • Makeup Artist's Choice - Hard-to-find unique professional products.
  • Mary Kay Online 99 - Official site for Mary Kay Products, Company and Career Opportunities. Locate your nearest Mary Kay consultant or enter the make over contest
  • Natural Secrets for Health & Beauty - Natural skin care products that really work. Treatments for alopecia, arthritis, cellulite, dermatitis, solar keratosis, impotence and many more. The primary ingredients are all food based. A complex organic amino acid base facilitates absorption of selected natural herbs and essential oils to afflicted areas.
  • Neutrogena - Premium products that provide real improvements in the health and beauty of skin and hair.
  • Neways Personal Care Products - Products designed for hair care, skin care and weight management
  • Parshea International, Inc. - Providers of all Natural, Bath, Body, and Diet Products. Essentials of Everyday Living.
  • Rejuveness - A soft, durable medical grade silicone sheeting, clinically proven effective in the management of existing hypertrophic and keloid scars. ReJuveness softens, smoothes and flattens scars, and restores skin to a more normal texture and color.
  • Revlon Report - Information and activities for Revlon products. Try a virtual face or learn more about Revlon
  • Royal Health United On-line - All natural health and beauty products, haircare, skincare, healthcare, personal care, nutrition, gift items.
  • Stooz tattooz - AT Stooz Tattoos you can order your fashion removable tattoos on-line.
  • ThiOne International, Inc. - Theodore Hersh MD, a respected physician, Professor of Medicine and graduate of Harvard College, has developed a number of healthcare antioxidant products that help.
  • Universal Healing - All natural beauty products. From cosmetics to soaps to facial masques and more!
  • Whelan Associates - Dedicated to showcasing EYI's two sensational personal care products; Calorad and Definition. Benefit personally and financially.

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