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  • The Switched LAN Page   - Product evaluations & white papers on switched LAN technologies and emerging IP-based applications requiring switched infrastructures.
  • Addison Wesley Longman Networking Series - Addison Wesley Longman has a long tradition of publishing top-quality networking classics. Checkout this web page to learn about their networking book series, including such classics as TCP/IP Illustrated by Richard Stevens.
  • Cazfry's Networking Page - links to authorative data communications and networking information, specs, standards, and tutorials.
  • Communications technologies & standards for business - WIDEBEAM project's exhaustive technical guide to electronic communications for business including messaging and file transfer and a multitude of EDI standards. It covers telecommunications, cable, wireless, X.400, FTP servers and clients, WWW, compression, etc. WIDEBEAM is one of four European funded projects in IT and data communications which Isomatic either leads or partners. Partners can be provided for future European funded projects.
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) - aserial bus used in distributed real-time control systems (ie, in cars, industrial automation)
  • Datacom Tutorials and White Papers - Tutorials and White Papers covering WAN networks, frame relay, T-1, wireless, and other WAN/LAN technologies.
  • <dtool> Networking Resource Site - Checkout the <dtool> network resource site! It's a great source of networking information covering a wide range of topics including Frame Relay, SNMP, Cisco routers, VPN's and web development. This web site also offers helpful recommendations on top networking books.
  • EHS Company - - Reading Rooms - - The EHS Company Reading Rooms contain original primers, product reviews and editorials, written by EHS Company staff. Topics include networking issues such as e-mail, directory services, DNS/DHCP, and more.
  • ExtraCheez.com - The site created by and for the system engineer - We are the leading virtual community for networking professionals, designed by networking professionals. If you design, implement, administer or troubleshoot LANs, WANs or client/server systems then ExtraCheez.com is where you'll find your peers online.
  • FAQS Index - FAQ index from Network Professional's Resource Center
  • GENERAL DESIGN BRIEF FOR COMMUNICATIONS COMMS SERVICES - General information when considering communications infrastructure requirements for new building construction.
  • Highly Recommended Network Design Book - Network designers, IS/IT professionals, MCSE's and CCIE's have embraced the book Network Application Frameworks in their study and daily work. This highly acclaimed book gets to the point by providing clear, concise, insightful explanations on topics systems professionals need to know most about. This impactful network application reference is a one-stop-shop for coverage of crucial technologies including TCP/IP, IP Routing and subnetting including complex topics such as OSPF and BGP-4, NT 4 and Windows 2000, primary and backup domain controllers, user and group permissions, Active Directory, LDAP, NetWare IPX and SAP, SNA, RPC/COM/DCOM and Active-X, and much more.
  • LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation - Del Mar College CIS 306 - LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation Instructor: Michael P. Harris This course is designed to train students from the perspective of the LAN manager/consultant whose responsibilities include LAN wiring, installation, and optimization. The focus is on responsibilities and strategies, which range from evaluating, selecting and installing LAN hardware and software to trouble shooting installation problems. The course will cover the most popular LAN hardware and software to help prepare students for any LAN environment. This course will provide up-to-date coverage and anticipate emerging technologies. Instructor: Michael P. Harris Associate Professor Office: BB-114 Computer Science Dept. Phone: (512) 698-1179 Email: [email protected] [email protected]
  • Managing NOVELL Networks - Del Mar College CIS 306 - Managing NOVELL Networks Instructor: Michael P. Harris This course is a fundamental study into managing a NOVELLŪ Netware Local Area Network (LAN). How this communication takes place, the language of communication protocols, hardware interfaces used to communicate, and most important, the software which controls a computer's communication will be studied. Special emphasis will be placed in the areas of: networking hardware & media, local area network (LAN) topologies, access methods, electronic mail (E-mail), multi-user software, and distributed processing.
  • Network Professionals Resource Center - Designed to be the most complete single source of information for Network Professionals and those that want to increase their knowledge of networking, data communications and telecommunications.
  • Networking/DataComm Links - Saint Roch Tree's links to networking related sites, documents and companies.
  • The PictureTel Standards Page - videoconferencing standards and communications standards which relate to videoconferencing
  • protocols.com - Internet, data and telecommunications protocols
  • Siemon's Wiring Reference - Modular jack styles: RJ series
  • 1394 Trade Association - IEEE 1394 is an international standard digital interface that can run up to 400 Mbps over a thin cable. It is one of the most promising technologies for a future high speed "RS-232". This is the trade association working to make it a reality.
  • UTP Cabling and the Effects of EMI - "UTP Cabling and the Effects of EMI" tutorial about electromagnetic compatibility of unshielded twisted pair wiring
  • Videoconferencing FAQ - Videoconferencing FAQ with tons of information about videoconferencing
  • The Virtual Technician - bparker's telephone wiring installation and repair guide.

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