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  • Arthur D. Little Enterprises - Accepts submissions of ideas from independent inventors. Evaluates them. Selects only a few. Commercializes them through licensing and other deals. No fees are charged. ADLE can finance patents and prototypes. Inventors and ADLE share in the profits.
  • B&L designs home page - Fishing product patents for licence
  • CVT Systems, Inc. - Invention in need of resources: all mechanical, continuously variable speed transmission. Seeking private financing, joint venture, strategic alliances etc.
  • Give me this Fortune Bookie ! - We sell a special product called "Fortune-Bookie", a pocket size casino roulette instructional book, pre-picked fortune numbers for casino goers.
  • Invention City - Inventor: Protect, develop, and market your invention! - Accepts submissions from inventors for possible venture partnership/licensing deals.
  • Invent4U - Links for inventors.
  • Real inventors with real experience - Invention Based Business (IBB) includes guides and suggestions by successful inventors with experience in a large variety of subjects involved in transformating an idea into a project
  • Stay-Dry Toilet Seat - A patented new approach to the problem of wet toilet seats that fits on existing toilets, the Stay-Dry Seat can replace or fit over existing seats
  • Wal-Mart Innovation Network - The WIN program works in conjunction with mega-retailer Wal-Mart and is a great way to get an independent evaluation of a new idea.

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