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  • Fidelity promotion - Extremely well written page on women and investing, including issue of widowhood. Links to excellent materials on retirement plans and "stages" of investing E.g., younger person seeks growth, older individual is conservative.
  • First Union promotion - Investment management site explaining to women about products and services offered by First Union. Six sections dealing with women's special considerations in money management.
  • Forbes Women Feature - "Female brokers woo female clients." September, 1998 magazine piece with several links on women's issues in investing.
  • Jackson & Associates - Women's investing page describes educational and investment opportunities provided by this Nashville, Tennessee based financial adviser.
  • Merrill Lynch promotion - Single web page with E mail links to representatives the firm, along with history of women's increasing involvement in financial decisions. Page links to Merrill Lynch brokerage.
  • One Group promotion - Well crafted site showing variety of issues perhaps unique to women in investing. Many pages of information and friendly encouragement for women to continue their involvement with investment decisions.
  • Paine Webber promotion - Women are investing, making the decisions more than ever. Site offers free booklet explaining this phenomenon.
  • Susan Meeker Lowry Commentary - One of the premier thinkers and writers in socially responsible investing and economic matters, Ms. Lowry gives this commentary.
  • Vanguard Funds Women's section - Called, "Plain Talk: Women and Investing," Vanguard "no load" fund site presents extensive educational materials to women investors. Has several dozen linking pages designed for a variety of investors from novice to experienced ones.

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