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  • AbleSys Corp - AbleSys makes trading software for commodities, bonds, stocks, currencies, and futures
  • Barkley's Oasis™ Management - A financial services organization, providing risk management, litigation support, consulting and technology services through management software and consultation.
  • Bob Browning's Guide to Treasury Technology - portal site for technology aimed at the treasury of a bank or major institution. Includes trade directory, news and jobs.
  • Börsensoftware - German language software permitting download of investment software from 50 world wide stock exchange firms. Site may not have English in major categories.
  • Bryce Gilmore's CycleTrader/WaveTrader Software & Books - Software, books and seminars regarding Market Geometry using Gann, Elliott and Ancient Geometry techniques to forecast and trade high probability Trend Change Dates in all freely traded markets.
  • Captools Co. - Captool portfolio management software is an investment record keeping, performance measurement and portfolio management reporting tool designed for professional money managers, for sophisticated individual investors, and for others entrusted with managing investment assets.
  • Charting Software - stock, options, and futures products to retail and institutional investors.
  • Coast Investment Software Inc. - FibNodes(TM), the software for Fibonacci trading techniques.. Calculate probable price turning points in advance!
  • Delphi - Technical analysis software with indicators and investment strategies. Individuals can back-test them against years of historical data.
  • Derivatives Bookshop - Software for price instruments, including Swaps, FRAs, IRGs, Caps, Collars, Floors, American and European-style swaptions. Based on the extended Vasicek (Hull-White) with proprietary improvements. For experienced or professional investors.
  • DTLink Software - Personal Stock Monitor software for individual investors, helps track and manage your portfolio by providing automatic quote downloads over the Internet, flexible alerts, links to news and charts, and more.
  • Financial Models Company - FMC provides software and solutions to the investment world
  • Free Online Stock Profit Calculator - Calculate your investment earnings online. Determine the profit, cost to purchase, What if scenarios, even converts fractions.
  • INSSINC - Investment Support Systems, Inc. - is a provider of front - and back-office financial risk management and trading systems whose clients include money-center and regional banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and corporations.
  • Investors Software - Investorsoftware.com provides a large selection of financial software and investment books for traders, investors, business owners, real estate professionals or financial consultants.
  • LaPorte Asset Allocation System and Hedge Fund Database - The LaPorte Asset Allocation System is coupled with a hedge fund database of US and international hedge funds to help you optimize portfolios of traditional and alternative investments.
  • LaSalle Technology - Professional software products and a solution provider for financial investment institutions. Site discusses LaSalle Technology's various softwares.
  • Margrabe Derivatives - Links to innumerable quantitative analysis software for Investment Derivatives. Aimed largely for experienced investors and traders. (Covers Options / Swaps / Risk Management / Model Risk)
  • Market Guide's Stock Screening Applications - Market Guide was "tech savvy" before the internet was invented. They've adapted brilliantly with many products for individual investors: Windows powerful screening application. Links to Market Guide's reports. Many levels of free information as well as extensive databases. Updated daily.
  • Market Skill Builder - Free technical trading simulation and practise software for investors. Free technical analysis course.
  • Marvin Software - set of financial libraries, with real-time data processing/publishing, available in C/C++ for Windows/UNIX or as spreadsheet add-ins for Excel/Applix
  • MaxPro Software Systems - Cyberbroker 4.0 for ACT! contact management software. Organizes clients and prospects information for stock brokers & financial planners. Consulting, training and demo available.
  • MicroStar Research & Trading, Inc. - Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and futures software available. Take control of your financial future.
  • Numa Web Investing Software - Numa's list of 34 investment softwares including a few demo's for experienced investors or traders. Several entry level trading games available too.
  • Omega Research - a producer of real-time investment analysis software. Omega Research produces system trading and development software including TradeStation, OptionStation, RadarScreen, SuperCharts and other software products for the investor.
  • Outvest - Stock Exchange Software for Every Investor
  • PCA Stock Investing System - The Position Cost Averaging System is a spreadsheet application that generates automatic buy and sell advice.
  • Plaid Brothers Software - For professionals in finance and investing, contact and account management software.
  • Power Investor for Windows - Power Investor is comprehensive stock screening software and databases, updatable via Internet, that help investors find better investments.
  • Pricingtools - Pricingtools offers software for pricing structured products and investment derivatives including a Excel-Add-In implementing the "Hull-White" model. FREE demo downloads available!
  • Primate Software - Software for end of day quotations and charting includes a toll free number and charging software with package.
  • Spredgar Software - Spredgar Software releases Microsoft Excel add-in that creates financial ratios and graphs from EDGAR 10-K and 10-Q filings for individuals or pro's quick study of Securities and Exchange Commission filing data.
  • StockBoss - Specialized software for the high end, individual user wishing notification to their pager or cell phone, and trading from their own portable communication devices. Based in Palo Alto, Ca.
  • Tarnsoft Co - One of Tarn's products, "Byte Into The Market," does technical analysis for trading (individual investors). Free download and evaluation (shareware)
  • TechHackers - develops software tools and enterprise systems for securities trading, risk management and financial operations. They specialize in solutions for quantitatively complex market sectors and business areas, such as derivatives, fixed income, asset securitization and risk management.
  • Wall Street Solutions - Basic "template" design (for now), with highlights of the benefits and features of our software products and services.
  • What If Software - Financial Planning Software for the financial planner and/or the investor. Aalthough based in Ontario, Canada, most of site is of use to investors more generally.

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