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  • Aantix Options Report - Provides up-to-the-minute probabilities of an option reaching its given strike price.
  • Applied Derivatives Trading - Monthly magazine about all aspects of trading and using options, futures and other derivatives around the world. Sign up for a free subscription.
  • G.Money's WarrantCity - Daily updated market-overview, option's an warrant's programs for download, a warrant tutorial, links and a free daily delivered stock-market newsletter, which informs you about the latest analyst's opinions and ratings.
  • INO Global Markets
  • NDB WebStation - Online trading and other resources for customers. Glossary available for noncustomers as well.
  • OLDE Discount Corporation Home Page
  • Option Yield Report - Daily "covered call" report for investors, with links to analysis and U.S. stock covered call options - Free option tutorial.
  • Options Industry Council - An introduction to options and strategies by the Options Industry Council. Register for free seminars and also includes free downloadable interactive software - "The Options Toolbox".
  • The Options Resource Center - Academic quality papers and examples dealing with all aspects of options. Content intensive and comprehensive site.
  • OptionSource.Com - Schaeffer's Investment Research - Preparing investors for success in options trading; includes free stock quotes and option quotes, option research, strategies, market commentary, news, and other investment resources.
  • P M Halperin-Derivatives Trading Risk Management Scribblings - P M Halperin - Financial Derivatives Trading and Risk Management essays, articles, humour, definitions, and thought pieces including innovative techniques, from the point of view of a seasoned practioner.
  • Stock Options Wealth Programs - Keeping it Simple

  • Usenet misc.invest.options - news:
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