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  • Standard & Poor's Fund Services   - S&P covers funds in 38 countries spanning 5 continents with 10,000 US mutual funds. Features peer group performance analysis, charts, and contact info. Sofware demos, extensive, professional information.
  • Barclays Asian Selection Funds - Information concerning Barclays wide range of fund offerings in Asia. Free registration is required at the site.
  • Baring Asset Management - With world-wide resources, multiple products and fully integrated global financial services, Baring Asset Management is one of a handful of truly global investment management firms.
  • CBS MarketWatch - SuperStar Funds - Farrell on Funds is updated daily.
  • Court Jester Online Investment Club - entry level information and easy to understand analysis of investment options.
  • DATAQUEST - An Online Journal of Portfolio Analysis
  • FundAlarm - When to sell your mutual fund. (Updated 1st of Each Month)
  • FundScan - Information source on mutual funds from the basics to the advanced, in a structured format. Excellent links to related sites and information.
  • FundVision's Mutual Funds Discussion Board - A place for chartists to discuss how to time the market using Mutual Funds, Spiders and WEBs. Novices and others share their knowledge, ideas and insights.
  • Global Finacial Data - World Stock Market Returns 1900-1995, Domestic Real Stock Market Performance.
  • Greenville Capital Management - Registered Investment Advisor managing small capitalization growth equities for high net worth clients plus manages Rockland Growth Fund
  • Ibbotson Associates Research and Reference - For Ibbotson-sponsored articles on Asset Allocation, Mutual Funds, Global Investing, Cost of Capital, Economics, and Investment Research via the Internet
  • Investors Alley - The Mutual Fund Center - all the information, content, and data you need for researching and keeping track of mutual funds, all in one place.
  • King Investment Advisors - Operates the Fountainhead Special Value Fund, using the Business Valuation Approach to find companies for purchase. CLients are high-net-worth individuals, institutions, pension funds, 401(k)s, and other plans.
  • Legg Mason Global Offshore Funds - Provides full access to daily fund prices and historical performance. In English or Spanish.
  • Morningstar - Excellent stock, bond and mutual fund information. Includes portfolio tracking, regular columnists, financial news, and well trafficked reader forums for discussing investments.
  • Mutual Fund Analysis Canada - Mutual Fund comparative analysis and portfolio management tool for Canadian Investors.
  • The Mutual Fund Cafe - The Mutual Fund Cafe - Fresh, timely information for mutual fund business and marketing professionals.
  • The Mutual Fund Club - Free Fund Prospectuses and Information by mail or download in Acrobat PDF format.
  • Mutual Fund Flash - Free investing advice and analysis from top market experts specializing in mutual funds.
  • Mutual Fund Investor's Center - Features daily pricing and performance information on more than 9,000 mutual funds plus daily news and educational information about fund investing.
  • The Mutual Fund Site - An internet resource designed to assist investors with selecting a family of mutual funds for their individual financial needs and objectives.
  • Mutual Funds Central - Top guide to the best mutual funds sites: performance, quotes, prices, picks, returns, rankings, ratings, leaders, analysis, research, tracking, charts, graphs,newspapers, magazines, advice, prospectuses.
  • Mutual Funds Interactive - Columns on investing, mutual fund manager interviews, mutual fund investing tutorials, and great moderated newsgroups.
  • Mutual funds net - Mutual Fund Directory of major fund companies and broker dealers. Offers useful links such as online prospectuses and related investment information. Site plans to include closed end mutual funds.
  • Mutual Funds Online - Official Web site for Mutual Funds Online.
  • 4MutualFunds -- A guide to mutual funds - Professional money management from Fidelity Investments, The Vanguard Group, Dreyfus Corporation, Janus Funds, Dean Witter Intercapital, Merrill Lynch and others.
  • Patagon.com - Free coverage of the Latin American markets. Broker providing online trading of all the local stocks, bonds and funds. Information includes quotes, financials, research and finance reports. Chat and forum board areas for memeber discussion. Brady bonds reports.
  • Pax World Fund - Founded in 1972, balanced fund holds stocks of "life-supportive" firms such as pollution control, education and healthcare. Pax excludes weapons, tobacco, and alcohol industries. Fund's had above market performance for over a quarter century.
  • Schwab Retirements - Information and promotion of Charles Schwab's investment products. For existing clients as well as "newbies;" Educational materials on retirement.
  • StockCar Stocks - StockCar Stocks Index Fund is a no-load, index mutual fund which seeks to mirror the StockCar Stocks Index by investing in the common stock of the companies that sponsor or derive revenues from NASCAR at the Winston Cup Series Level.
  • StockJungle.com - Investing Real Money in the Stock Market - Make StockJungle.com with its real money Jungle Fund your daily stop for investment advice, stock picks, financial commentary, and stock market analysis.
  • Wall Street Offshore - Offshore mutual funds (over 120) from fifteen world class money managers for you the discreet international investor.
  • Yahoo! Finance -- Mutual Funds - Top performers, quotes, reference, news, message board, and personalized portfolio with registration.

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