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  • Society for Human Sexuality, The   - One of the biggest collections of factual information about human sexuality on the Web. (formerly at the University of Washington)
  • All About Sex Discussion Web - Resources for teens, parents, and even pre-teens, as well as links to similar sites, etc.
  • Anxiety and Shyness: Conquer Shyness in 7 Steps! - This Guide is for those who: Experience shyness when meeting people, Shy away from social situations, Feel selfconscious around people, etc.
  • Better Health: Sexual Health Center - Find information on sex drive, birth control, STDs and sexual abuse among other sexual concerns
  • Coalition for Positive Sexuality - The Coalition for Positive Sexuality was formed to give teens the information about sexuality they need to take care of themselves and affirm their decisions about sex, sexuality, and reproductive control. We also hope to facilitate dialogue, in and out of the public schools, on condom availablility and sex education. Just Say Yes, our irreverent and unabashed comprehensive sex education guide is available here.
  • InnerSelf Magazine - Articles by various authors on sexuality.
  • Love, Intimacy and Sexuality - This site includes descriptions of the "Love, Intimacy and Sexuality" weekend workshops offered around the world. HAI has been offering workshops to enhance relationships and sexuality for over 30 years, all based on the work of Dr. Stan Dale, author of "Fantasies Can Set You Free"vband founder of the Human Awareness Institute. The site describes the safety and acceptance a participant will experience on their weekend journey. The site also accepts online workshops registrations, has a schedule of workshops and Free Introductory Evening events. Plus, biographies of all the facilitators and testimonials are included.
  • theory.org.uk - Stylish new website for everyone interested in media studies and gender studies. Lots of content on queer theory, gender, Foucault, Judith Butler, media influences, cyber culture, role models, and critical theory. With lots of book reviews, all updated regularly. Produced by Dr David Gauntlett, University of Leeds, UK.

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