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  • Activist Online - political economy, global politics, economic thought, political thought, discussion, community, environment, social issues
  • Communist Workshop - contains images, manuscripts, essays and pamphlets from communist thinkers.
  • Home of the International Communist Current - The origins of the ICC lie in the left communists expelled from the 3rd International as it degenerated - the Italian, German, and Dutch lefts. These groups defended proletarian internationalism against participation on either side in World War II, just as the internationalists (Bolsheviks, Spartakus, Tribune Group) had done during World War I.
  • In Defence of Marxism - Defending Marxist ideas and their validity for today's labour movement. The articles and documents published here provide a Marxist analysis of current international issues as well as historical and theoretical subjects.
  • Internationalist Communist Group (ICG) Home Page - The Internationalist Communist Group fights for the constitution of the international proletariat into class and therefore into World party for the destruction of capitalism, that is to say this society subjected to the dictatorship of profit that famishes man and destroys the nature. It implies the destruction of wage labour, merchandise, social classes, armies, jails, national frontiers, in short all kind of State... Our objective is, as for all the revolutionaries of the past, the constitution of a worldwide human community without exploited, neither exploiters.
  • Marxist Internet Archive
  • People's Weekly World - Newspaper of the Communist Party U.S.A.
  • sinistra.net - The Online Archives of the Communist Left

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