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  • Allexperts Philosophy Q&A - Volunteer experts answer your one-on-one questions about many different kinds of philosophy for free! Our scholars are schooled in many different areas of philosophy, give it a try!
  • Episteme Links - This is a comprehensive resource for philosophy on the internet: thousands of links, a bookstore, free newsletters, and more. Creator and maintainer - Thomas Rayan Stone.
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet by Peter Suber - A comprehensive collection of online philosophy resources. Well-organized, easy to navigate, regularly updated.
  • Hippias: Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet - Hippias is a peer-reviewed search engine that provides access to philosophy-related resources on the World-Wide Web. Quality is controlled by a system of hyperlinked internet sites which are managed by qualified professionals who serve as the associate editors of the project. The same procedures that govern quality also serve to limit the scope of Hippias to resources of interest to philosophers.
  • NOESIS - A search engine which indexes philosophical on-line papers by qualified philosophers.
  • Personal, professional and organizational improvement - We specialize in the development of innovative programs that enhance personal, professional and organizational effectiveness. We offer self-paced education, seminars, workshops, coaching and consulting.
  • Philosophy Documentation Center - A non-profit organization that has been serving the philosophical community since 1966. Located at Bowling Green State University, the PDC has earned a reputation for excellence with the production and worldwide distribution of a variety of high-quality publications, including philosophical directories, bibliographies, scholarly journals, and instructional software for philosophers.
  • Philosophy Research Base - The Philosophy Research Base features thousands of links to philosophy resources on the internet.
  • Philosophy Since the Enlightenment - Roger Jones, a philosophy instructor at the Working Men's College in London, originally developed this Website as a study guide for "adult students learning about philosophy for the first time."
  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Philosophy

  • Usenet talk.philosophy.misc - news:
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