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  • Ballistic Missile Holdings by Country
  • French Foreign Legion - French Foreign Legion, Legion Etrangere, dedicated to Rubin de Cervens.
  • The German Army Shop - Original uniforms, medals and equipment of the post-WWII German armys (East- and West-Germany).
  • Marine Bloodstripes - What is a Marine? Honoring all Veterans.
  • Marine Bloodstripes - Veterans Memorial - A place where anyone can post the name of a veteran who has died. Whether they died in bed of old age or were KIA or even POW/MIA, we want to honor them.
  • MICHAEL NEW: Mercenary. . . or American Soldier? - Michael New is the American Soldier who refused to wear the United Nations Uniform. Details of his Court Martial and other legal information, as well as an update of the status of his case.
  • Military Forces of the World - This site contains detailed information about the military forces of the world. Air Force, Army, Navy and the orginizations that control them.
  • Military Network - Army,Navy,Marines,Air Force,Coast Guard - News for the veteran, active, reserve or just about anyone interested in the US military.
  • NATO - Official Site. Colloquy on the European Security and Defense Identity
  • The NextArmy Website - A professional resource full of articles and ideas about the future of the U.S. Army and the developments of digital technology. Includes sections with advice, tactics/techniques, and some helpful links. Also has a set of sand-table wargame rules and several tools for staff officers.
  • Off Duty Magazine - This is an online magazine devoted to leisuretime activities for military personnel and their families.
  • Rongstad's Worldwide Military Links - Many links to military and warfare topics including; (still under construction), military news, world military forces, militia, peacekeeping, urban warfare, terrorism, equipment, C4I, weapons, genocide, POW & civilian internees, war crimes, veterans, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, Infowar, Art of War, military history, and national security policies.
  • 119th Air National Guard Cadet Squadron - We are members of the Civil Air Patrol and dedicated to helping the youth of America learn to fly aircraft and help search for lost pilots.
  • 75th Ranger Regiment Association - Association for veterans and active duty LRRP, LRP and Rangers from the Vietnam War to the current 75th Ranger Regiment. Includes information about Rangers, their history and the current status of the unit and its alumni.
  • Unofficial Bundeswehr homepage - Information about German Armed Forces and Luftwaffe with aircraft photo gallery, order of battle, air bases map, badges, aircraft and helicopter losses.
  • Unofficial Swedish Home Defense Forces Page and German Special Forces - Unnoficial site about the the Swedish Home Defense Forces, their mission, organization and equipment. Additional page about the still being formed German Special Forces (a lot like US conterparts), but sketchy at best. Some interesting translations from Swedish, but readable. Also available in German.
  • U.S. Army - Personal page of an Army 1LT. Good variety of links and good range and depth of information.
  • US Army Airborne Rangers - Lessons from failure . . . images of success

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