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  • GA. Bureau of Investigation - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is an independent, state-wide agency that provides assistance to the state?s criminal justice system in the areas of criminal investigations, forensic laboratory services and computerized criminal justice information.
  • The Habitation of Justice - Resources for the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Community. Place an ad, report crimes online, use the tracking page to trace criminals online, and more.
  • Off Duty - The Internet Portal for Cops with a Chat Room, Web Forums BBS, law enforcement news, politicial commentary and debate.
  • Officer.com - "The Police Officer's Internet Directory."
  • Police Law Enforcement Software - Police Law Enforcement Software
  • Police Q&A from Allexperts.com - Law enforcement officials answer all your questions for free! Find out what it's really like to work in Law Enforcement!
  • Police training academy - The Academy provides basic police training to qualified civilians & police recruits and in-service training to sworn police officers.
  • Policecenter.com - Policecenter.com is a unique resource offering law enforcement funding announcements, legal news and related online resources. The site is updated regularly and is free to all visitors.
  • Polizei-Web - The Website is available in German and English. Information about the Police in Germany, USA, Great Britain and other countries.
  • Professional Law Enforcement Seminars - Law Enforcement Training in Drug Interdiction, Labs, K-9, Undercover Survival, Pipeline, Hostage & More (non-profit)
  • Ryan Defense Systems, Inc. - RDS offers the highest level of quality education and training in reality-based martial arts, defensive tactics, self-defense and security training to qualified civilians, law enforcement, military and government personnel and private corporations.
  • Street Forensics! - A web site dedicated to promoting STREET FORENSICS. A mailing list dedicated to the Forensic Technician on the street. This list should be utilized to share ideas, techniques, tricks and tips to make our cases stronger and ultimately learn. All law enforcement persons are invited to join in and discuss Street Level Forensics with us.
  • Utica NY Arson Strike Force - A rare look behind the scenes of the top ranking arson strike force in the world. Only four exist in the US and the Utica NY team has been called a "national model". This is a multi-agency group with only one target - ARSON.
  • Western States Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI) Association - Web Page of the Southern Chapter of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI) Association

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