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  • Global Issues That Affect Everyone   - Main topics: Environment, Human Rights, Trade. E.g.s of Sub topics: Biodiversity, Genetic Engineering of Food, Arms Trade, Womens Rights, 'Fair' Trade, Poverty and more... Some issues are just not getting enough mainstream media attention and therefore lack enough open public debate, while other concerns seem to be receiving biased coverage only.
  • AAA Click here for category Society:Activism:Environment - There is a lot of overlap between Activism and Issues, so if you don't find what you're looking for, you may find it under Activism instead.
  • About.com: Environment - Everything about the environment: news, links, bulletin boards, chat, and more.
  • Alternatives.com: Environment - Alternatives is a huge (2Gigabyte) database of info for those working for social change.
  • American Public Information on the Environment - Runs a helpline service which attempts to answer your questions on any environmental issue. You can also ask them questions on the Web, or browse their other info.
  • Anti-environmental myths - Demolishes many anti-environmental myths - with hard evidence!
  • CEMEC- - The European Centre for Disaster Medicine hosts historic information and position papers concerning substantial disasters causing medical problems or death.
  • Cleaner and Greener Environment Program - makes it easy for consumers and businesses to help clean up the environment.
  • CrystalBay Virtual Village, live free, explore, help the planet - Snorkel and scuba dive at the virtual beach, learn about clean, renewable solar energy, and help the planet by adopting a pound dog or cat and in the internet soapbox. Find inspiration and explore other adventures in musical, animated site.
  • Earth Crash - The disturbing evidence that the environment is collapsing due to the accumulated impacts of human activity, plus a photo gallery, forum, and many links.
  • Earth Crash / Koyannisqatsi - Extensive documentation of the disturbing evidence that the environment is collapsing due to the accumulated impacts of human activity via a searchable database of news, magazine, and journal articles, plus a photo gallery, forum, and extensive link list.
  • Earth Day Network - Coordinating worldwide events for Earth Day 2000 and beyond. Calendar, environmental tips, clean energy campaign, organizing materials, activist network, eco-store, Grist Magazine and other resources.
  • Earth Saving Tips - Easy things YOU can do!
  • EnviroLink - Provides the latest environmental news, information, products and resources for the environmental community. Also provides over 400 non-profit organizations with free Internet services. As a non-profit organization, EnviroLink relies on the generosity of individual donors, foundations and appropriate corporate sponsors.
  • Environment at The Mining co. - A new type of environmental community. News, links, bulletin board, chat, and more. All views welcome.
  • Environment Online - International Network for the Environment - A new online networking center & internet resources directory for the environment.
  • Environment Watch Ireland - Picture shows bath was filled from water from a public supply in rural Ireland. Such poor water quality is rapidly becoming the 'norm' in Ireland. This water is contaminated by a deadly cocktail of bacteria and sheep faeces.
  • Environmental Links - Find suitable reciprocal links to exchange
  • Environmental Management - free online resources for environmental managers
  • Green Line - News, resources and tips from Environment Canada (a government department).
  • Green Solitaire - Designed especially to get ordinary people involved in environmentalism by providing a complete Internet resource.
  • HAARP - A huge antenna project. Is it endangering the environment; is it a massive government conspiracy; or is it just harmless weather research? Decide for yourself with this fairly balanced links and info page.
  • HORIZON Solutions Site - Database of solutions to environmental, development, population and health issues
  • IGC: EcoNet - "Connecting the People who are Changing the World" - lots of news and links; updated frequently.
  • Multinationals & Mother Earth - Do global capital flows inherently challenge the Environment? White paper on Coporate Operations, as they effect the environment today.
  • Questioning Official Environmentalism - "An examination of the Annual Reports of the major environmental organizations [in the US] revealed that almost all of the leading groups were receiving *substantial* contributions from the most polluting corporations."
  • Reach For Unbleached! - Consumer education about paper and pulp mill monitoring.
  • Rupert's Homepage - Rupert Edwards Underground Enviromental Investigator. (Ecologically Sustainable Development, Intelligent Transport Systems, urban sprawl, Twenty First Century, Public Transport, GreenWays,Green Links)
  • Save Our Planet Earth - Bad facts about our earth, plus 26 things you can do about them! Short and to the point.
  • South Downs Earth First! - Index of English pages - A huge number of articles, some quite radical and thought-provoking. Worth a browse.
  • Theology Library - Environment - about 80 links on Christian eco-theology, including papal message.
  • Why we need nanotechnology to solve the population crisis, pollution, global warming etc. - Nanotechnology is the only realistic solution to these enormous problems facing humanity today, says Prof. Rick Smalley. Those who are sceptical of "technological fixes" should still read this - nanotechnology will be like no other technology the world has known.
  • World Resources Institute (WRI) - Covers a wide range of environmental, economic and health issues.
  • Worldwatch Institute - Analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world, providing information on how to build a sustainable society. Topics of interest include world population, global climate change, protecting biodiversity, & relationship of economics and environment.
  • The sky's the limit - Assigning an economic value to the world's ecosystems. From the Why Files. (May 23, 1997)

  • Usenet talk.environment - news:
  • Usenet uk.environment - news:
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