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  • Campaign for Free Education - against fees, for the grant   - Protesting the British government's imposition of tuition fees and abolition of the state grant for undergraduate university students. News of protests, occupations, etc. Local groups. Discussion forum, chat room and mailing list.
  • Cambridge Center Section on Education - Information on effective techniques of instructional design and delivery. By the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.
  • The Center for Education Reform - Advocacy, information, resources and guidance on education reform issues and action at the school, district, state and U.S. national levels. Topics include school choice, charter schools, educational entrepreneurialism, academic standards, teacher professionalism, and local control.
  • Education Consumers ClearingHouse - Subscription-supported e-mailing list whose purpose is to empower education's consumers. Subscribers ask questions, post information and opinion, or just follow the various discussions.
  • Education Policy and Finance Issues - California's public education issues, including school finance.
  • Education Week on the Web - Weekly news on American education issues. Searchable archives.
  • Hudson Institute's Indiana Education Information Center - education issues in Indiana and throughout the country, including info on school performance, standards and innovative programs.
  • Moral Issues in Education - Research articles and other essays regarding character education in the United States and Japan, by Taku Ikemoto
  • National Center for Policy Analysis - NCPA's conservative positions on educational issues.
  • National Education Standards | Politics Watch - News and links about President Clinton's 10-point plan to improve the nation's schools. Part of Education Week on the Web
  • New Designs for Youth Development - A quarterly publication dedicated to voicing progressive, humane, and caring approaches to the development of youth and community in middle and upper schools.
  • Organizational Development in Education - Optimizing schools, colleges, and universities through proven techniques such as cultural change, strategic measurement, process consulting, and other methods.
  • People For the American Way | Education - committed to working with members and activists to promote strong public schools, protect the freedom to learn in our public schools, and prevent religious coercion in public schools. Topics include school funding, voucher programs and school choice, censorship, and sex education.
  • PEPE, Inc. - The only organization in the Philippines specifically devoted to the advancement and propagation of the theory and practice of popular education. As part of its commitment to human development, PEPE provides education services to a diverse set of sectors and groups - urban poor, peasants, lawyers, doctors, women, indigenous peoples, and so forth.
  • Popular EducationTool Kit - Popular Education is a tool to raise people's critical awareness about the world around them, based on their personal experience. This site includes resources and exercises using Popular Education techniques.
  • Rethinking Schools - A nonprofit, independent publisher of educational materials. Advocates the reform of elementary and secondary education, with a strong emphasis on issues of equity and social justice.
  • School Is Dead; Learn in Freedom! - comprehensive homeschooling site with special page "Books on IQ and Human Intelligence" about IQ testing and intelligence theories
  • Separation of School State Alliance - A grass-roots non-profit organization concerned about the destructive nature of a publicly financed school system in America. Supports ending government involvement in K-12 school attendance, content, teacher and school approval, and financing.
  • Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education - provides non-partisan research, information and communication on education to Canadian policy-makers, education partners and the public.

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