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  • ActivistNet   - Webdirectory and online networking center for political activism and social change. Major issues include: Peace, Social Justice, Environment, Development, and Human Rights.
  • OneWorld   - A community of over 200 leading global justice organisations under one roof. A massive site, containing news updated daily, concise briefings, interviews, and what you can do to help.
  • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - U.S.-based research institute that analyses government policies and programs, focusing on low- and medium-income people. Topics include taxation, health insurance, retirement programs, welfare, poverty.
  • Edges Magazine - A quarterly magazine giving a voice to socially disadvantaged people living on the margins of society
  • The FlipSide - Hip-Hop column which focuses on various "deeper" issues in the Hip-Hop world (with a South African slant). Sexism, environment, technology, violence, and the music industry.
  • Free Speech Internet Television - Forums and links related to a variety of issues. You can also watch videos and listen to recordings via the Net here.
  • Global Issues That Affect Everyone - An insight into issues that may be misrepresented by mainstream media, or even lack enough attention.
  • IGC - Institute for Global Communications - Nonprofit, provides alternative sources of information, and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.
  • Jews for Morality - On the socio-moral issues of the day. Concerning the kulturkampf of secular humanism against Judaeo-Christian requirements for human conduct, from the standpoint of traditional Judaism
  • Policy.com: Issues Library - Comprehensive library of online information and links related to (mostly U.S.) policy issues: civil rights, affirmative action, free speech, gun control, defense policy, education, energy, health, foreign affairs, labor, cloning, space policy, transportation, welfare, housing, immigration, crime, the courts, drugs, monetary policy, NAFTA, campaign finance, more.
  • Political Information - Politics, policy, and grass roots causes.
  • Project Censored - Explores and publicizes censorship in our society by locating important stories about which the public should be aware but is not, for one reason or another.
  • The Quixote Center for faith-based social justice - Working for social justice in Nicaragua and Haiti, equality in the Catholic Church, and an end to the death penalty.
  • Society & Values Legal Issues (from About.com) - Analyses and links on disabilities, abortion, adoption, privacy, domestic violence, surrogate parenting, gambling, medical marijuana.
  • Thinking Politica - Site dedicated to politics, philosophy, sociology, government and history. Including essays, chat, debate, message boards and more...
  • The Urban Institute - Investigation and analysis of U.S. social and economic problems and issues, including the New Federalism, welfare and welfare-to-work, Medicare, and disabilities issues.
  • VAGUEpolitix - Take an irreverent look at issues of crime, health, sex and justice with this independent site from WebLab and PBS Online. If you're tired of partisan bickering, media hype and dead-end debates, this site offers tools and resources to express your viewpoints.
  • WebActive - Multimedia and radio features, as well as an internet directory for progressive activism. Sponsored by Progressive Networks, the creators of RealAudio.
  • The World Revolution - A new, large-scale activist social movement for progressive social change, with a unified agenda and a comprehensive approach. Major objectives & issue areas include: peace, social justice, environmental balance, economic well-being, and ethical culture.

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