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  • Energy Information Administration   - Statistics, Data, and Analysis on resources, supply, production, consumption for all energy sources. [US Department of Energy]
  • CADDET Energy Efficiency Centre - Collects, analyses, and disseminates information on new energy-saving technologies that have been demonstrated in applications in industry, buildings, transport, utilities, and agriculture.
  • California Energy Commission Homepage - Data on energy production, consumption, conservation and use in California, as well as information on energy deregulation, renewable energy and energy research. Kids' pages with educational material.
  • CSIRO Energy Sector - Research and capabilities in energy supply, technology and use at CSIRO, Australia's scientific research agency.
  • Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Science:Energy
  • Gridwatch.com Global Power Directory - An on-line directory of the electric power industry, covering power generation, transmission and distribution, power markets, and energy end-use.
  • International Energy Agency (IEA) - Implements an international energy programme of energy cooperation among 24 Member countries. Site resources include world energy statistics, world energy outlook, oil market report, energy economics resources, and technology information for several energy technologies.
  • Louisiana Public Information System for Energy - Energy and energy policy in state of Louisiana
  • National Academy reports on Energy - National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council reports (on-line access) on energy topics.
  • OSTI - U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information -- Index to Information Resources
  • Rocky Mountain Institute - An independent, nonprofit research and educational foundation with a mission to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. Research areas are energy (emphasis on efficiency and renewables), transportation, green development, climate change, water, economic renewal, corporate sustainability, and security.
  • Western Interstate Energy Board - an organization of 11 U.S. western states and three western Canadian provinces. Interests include coal mine reclamation, high-level radioactive waste, efficient electrical distribution.

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  • Usenet sci.energy.hydrogen - news:
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