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  • Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page - Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
  • The Eagle Electronic Bookshop - new and second hand scientific, medical and technical books.
  • ECE480 Senior Design - Tutorials, over 60 ECE subject areas.
  • EE-BookMarket - Electronic bookstore. Goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, one-stop source for power electronic books.
  • eg3.com - Provides information on embedded, realtime, DSP, board-level (PC/104, VME, STD, CompactPCI) on this meta-resource of engineering links.
  • Electronics Central - A site for the electronics tchnician/hobbiest and all you're electronics software and needs...
  • Electronics Hobbyist - Projects for beginners, articles on electronics & electrical science, Tesla coils, electrostatic devices, and resource links for the hobbyist & educator.
  • Electronics in Meccano On-line - Learn how to use electronics effectivly in your Meccano models, includes details of where to get the stuff, plus practical matters like soldering and using resistors, all explained in clear, jargon-free language.
  • The Electronics Library and Study Room - Choice links to electronics resources. Professional and hobby interests. A study site for electronics buffs.
  • Electronics Resource Center - Links users and providers of electronics information, including semiconductor manufacturer and distributors
  • EMC and Safety FAQ - Sources of EMC and Safety Compliance Information
  • Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine Home Page
  • EXAR
  • International Rectifier - A Power Semiconductor Company
  • Introductory Digital Electronics
  • IR Remotes Page - Notes on Infra-Red Remotes
  • Kent's Sci/Med Page - Reviews and links to seventeen of my favorite professional scientific, medical, and technology magazines, including reviews of their associated websites.
  • Lansdale Semiconductor Inc - Wafer Fabrication of Integrated Circuits
  • Lloyd's satellite constellations - index and commentary on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, ICO, Orbcomm, GPS and other LEO/MEO/GEO schemes.
  • NASA Electrical Engineering - Links to on-line information, resources, event announcements, academic and research institutions, and products and services related to Electrical Engineering.
  • National Semiconductor
  • Pure technologies - Manufacturers and producers of "ALPHA-Lo," low alpha lead ideal for the semiconductor industry.
  • QuestLink - Integrated Circuits, Boards, EDA Tools, Discrete Devices
  • Rambus
  • Real-Time Embedded Software Developer - Exopiped Inc. specializes in object oriented design and implementation of real-time embedded software for electronic products, including instrumentation, digital signal processing, and diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.
  • SYS.COST - A software tool allowing the hierarchical description of an electronic system and the calculation of its cost. SYS.COST helps designers, project leaders, purchasers or subcontractors to generate quotations very quickly.
  • Magnetic Arts - Novel magnetic proximity switches for industrial and security applications. Patents and brochures are downloadable. There are animations and magnetic field plots. (September 9, 1999)

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