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  • Community Psychology Network   - A comprehensive guide to the field of community psychology, prevention, intervention, and action research meant to be a resource for professionals, professors, students, and advocates. The site contains listings to professional groups, funding sources, student resources, graduate school, a bulletin board, and job announcements.
  • AHP Directory Of Humanistic Professionals - Professional category membership by location. The Association for Humanistic Psychology.
  • Defining Human Psychology - The origins of mental illness, defining human psychology and the uses of subliminal behavioural modification - case histories and possible treatments. Human developmental psychology.
  • DrDriving teaches you driving psychology - Dr. Leon James, Professor of Traffic Psychology at the University of Hawaii, and founder of Driving Psychology. Articles on road rage, international driver survey, state legislation, research articles.
  • PsiRo - First Romanian psychology site featuring articles, biographies, online tests, humor, free books.
  • Psych Central - One of the oldest guides to psychology online.
  • Psychology of Religion - Resources for people interested in psychology and religion. Includes course syllabi, bibliography, theoretical perspectives, addresses of professional organizations, and William James's Varieties of Religious Experience.
  • Psychology Online Resource Central - A resource for psychology students and their professors.

  • Usenet sci.psychology.misc - news:
  • Usenet sci.psychology.psychotherapy - news:
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