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  • Introduction to Linguistics   - Linguistics for Beginners is a multimedia, interactive introduction to the subject. You will find all major topics of current linguistic studies examined here.
  • The LINGUIST List   - Web site for the LINGUIST mailing list: professional communication and networking for the world-wide community of linguists.
  • Ethnologue - Languages of the World
  • Fields of Linguistics - A collection of articles which outline the various areas of specialization in linguistics.
  • The Hector Hodler Library
  • Human Communication Research Centre - An interdisciplinary research group with specializations in dialogue, mechanisms of language processing, graphics & language, and technology.
  • Inn�acs * Everson Gunn Teoranta - Links to pages dealing with Celtic and other minority languages, language resources, localization and character set encoding issues. WG2 is the ISO working group responsible for the Universal Character Set. Most of the papers here are proposals to augment this International Standard with new scripts and characters.
  • Interlinguistics (Interlingvistiko) - A bilingual site (English/Esperanto) with hard to find resources on multilingualism, language policies, interlinguistics.
  • Language and Linguistics - Maintained by Robin Turner. Contains essays on linguistics and links to linguistics and language pages.
  • #Languages IRC Chat - Talk about language(s) with people who share your interest.
  • Linguasphere - Devoted to the exploration of our global linguistic environment. Contains extracts from the Linguasphere Register of the World's Languages and Speech Communities.
  • Linguistic Enterprises: Private-Sector Employment for Linguists - A job-search site for linguists seeking employment in the private sector.
  • The Linguistics Project - Interdisciplinary, international, internet-community on language(s) and linguistics.
  • prinparam - An electronic forum for discussions of issues in Chomksyan syntax and the theory of Principles and Parameters.
  • The sci.lang FAQ

  • Usenet sci.lang - news:
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