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  • AON - Archaeology on the Net   - Extensive collection of annotated archaeology and related resources. More than 1500 entries catalogued under 33 headings.
  • AA&ES Online! Shedding New Light on Old Mysteries - All the wonders of outer space and planet earth explored in this popular web magazine.
  • Allexperts Archaeology Q&A - Archaeologists and other expert volunteers answer all your detailed one-on-one questions about archaeology, fossils, and digs for free!
  • Anthropology resources on the Internet - guide to anthropology and archaeology resources available on the Internet.
  • Archaeology - World Atlas of Archaeology on the Web; Archaeology Quote of the Week; Excavating the News (latest news reports in detail); more content
  • Archaeology and Anthropology Resources - Searchable collection of more than 7500 archaeology and anthropology titles. Regional and topical division of 80 category headings.
  • Archeology at CyberPursuits - Contains categorized links to archeology topics throughout the web.
  • ArchNet - ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology.
  • Archonnet Discussion Group - (unmoderated) For announcements and reviews of online archaeology resources.
  • Bibliographies for Archaeological Research - -Tennessee Archaeology Net--collocates over 140 recently compiled bibliographies pertinent to archaeological research. Bibliographies are categorized into fifteen sections covering topics such as historical archaeology, lithic studies, dating techniques and methods, GIS and remote sensing methods, archaeological theory, zooarchaeology, bioarchaeology, regional and site bibliographies, and several others.
  • Dirt - An archaeology resource for resourceful archaeologists.
  • GroundStone.Com - From manos and metates to mill stones and mortars, ground stone artifacts are increasingly studied by archaeologists and other researchers. GroundStone.Com is where we can communicate, compare data, and strengthen our specialization.
  • The Mansoor Amarna Collection -- Home Page - of M.A. Mansoor

  • Usenet sci.archaeology.moderated - news:
  • "Archaeology" search on:  
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