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  • Air Classics Magazine Subscriptions - Contains comprehensive features and superior photographs of all your favorite vintage aircraft, both military and civilian, as well as restoration news, intriguing biographies, and much more! Subscribe online.
  • American Scientist - The Magazine of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.
  • Ancient American Magazine Subscriptions - "Discover the mysteries of the past" inside the intriguing pages of this unique magazine that brings you the theories and discoveries pertaining to the "archaeology of the Americas before Columbus." Subscribe online.
  • ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine - Dedicated to bringing archaeological news from around the world to the general public in a sophisticated yet readable and understandable manner. Online subscriptions.
  • Artemis Magazine - The content will be a fairly even mix of science fact and science fiction. The fact will cover the gamut of anything readers will need to know to build, get to, or live in a moon base. The fiction will be near-term, near-Earth, hard science fiction.
  • Berkeley Lab Science Beat - Online science news magazine with articles about the latest scientific breakthroughs at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Scientific news for those who want to know about research developments but don't speak the language of science.
  • Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine Subscriptions - Travel into the ancient past and experience the thrill of discovery with this magazine which presents archaeological findings related to Biblical events and writings.
  • Chemistry Journals - List of Chemistry Journals Worldwide
  • Computer, Internet and Technology Magazines and Journals - Technology magazine subscriptions delivered worldwide. From graphics to networking, from programming to gaming and everything in between, you'll find it in our Technology MagRack.
  • Electronics Now - The latest electronics industry news and lots of how-to information detailed enough for on-the-job use; also has a wealth of electronic hobby advice and ideas as well. Subscribe online.
  • Flight Journal Magazine Subscriptions - "A new kind of aviation magazine" for those interested in aviation history, technology, and flying's fascinating drama. Subscribe online.
  • Flying Magazine Subscriptions - From plane reports to training articles, from real life flight experiences to avionics, this is the aviation magazine for all pilots. Subscribe online.
  • FORUM for Applied Research and Public Policy - A quarterly policy journal that focuses on energy, the environment, economic development, and science and technology issues. It aims to make the work of policy researchers more accessible to officials in the public and private sectors.
  • Futurist Magazine - From the World Future Society. The society functions as a neutral clearinghouse for thinking about the future, with a focus on analyzing technological, social, environmental, and other trends for the way they might shape the future.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL Magazine Subscriptions - This outstanding magazine of Britain's Royal Geographical Society will teach you what you've always dreamed of learning about our exotic planet Earth, its peoples and their varied and intriguing customs.
  • Inventors' Digest - Answering all your questions about inventions and new products. Have an idea and want to know how to get it on the market? Smart enough to learn from those who've gone before you? There's more info here than you ever dreamed of!
  • 4Journals -- a guide to journals from 4anything.com - In-depth articles on the research and academic issues you care about from The New England Journal of Medicine, IBM Technical Journals and American Law Journal.
  • Magpie Magazines and Journals Directory - Topical directory of magazines and journals with links to buy journals direct from the publishers' web sites
  • Mercator's World Subscriptions - Examining and celebrating "the exploration, discovery, and mapping of Earth and space; created for map aficionados, geography buffs, and adventure seekers; chart a course to a whole new world!"
  • Micronesica: Journal of Natural Sciences - Micronesica is a University of Guam journal devoted to the natural sciences of Micronesia and related regions.
  • National Geographic - Web site story highlights from current and past issues, other features such as unpublished photos, and access to other National Geographic Society online resources.
  • Natural History Magazine - The world class magazine from the American Museum of Natural History, "an institution dedicated to understanding and preserving biological and cultural diversity." Insightful, intelligent, and artistic in its writing, photos, and layout. Subscriptions available online.
  • Nature - International weekly science journal
  • New Scientist - the world's leading weekly science and technology news magazine.
  • Newscientist.com - Debating animal experimentation from a scientific viewpoint.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review - ORNL's research and development magazine, on-line.
  • OMNI
  • Plane & Pilot Magazine Subscriptions - "Written to provide information and entertainment for owners and pilots of single and multi-engine piston-engine aircraft." Flight reports, new planes, engine performance reviews, suggested excursions and so much more. Subscribe worldwide.
  • Popular Science Subscriptions - Highlighting the latest fascinating discoveries in science, electronics, tools, energy, aviation, automobiles and so much more!
  • The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online
  • Psychology Today Subscriptions - Informative and educational magazine covering psychology in everyday life; from medical issues to social causes to fashion, this publication shows the psychological influences of the choices people make.
  • Rock & Gem Magazine Subscriptions - Practical ideas, technical tips, scientific data and personal profiles guaranteed to inform, inspire and excite every rockhound and gem enthusiast. Beautifully photographed color pictures enhance this magazine.
  • SB&F Online - The online version of the review journal Science Books & Films. Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it contains reviews, bibliographies and articles relating to science books, videos, and software for all ages. Website provides sample access; subscription required for full acess.
  • Science & Engineering Network News - Professional guide devoted to investigating and evaluating internet resources for scientists and engineers. Most site features require subscription.
  • Science Magazine Online - international weekly science journal
  • Science News & Journals - a directory of sites offering free science news articles and reviews (no registration, no passwords, no fees)
  • Scientific American - monthly magazine
  • Scientifical-Theoretical Magazine - - Scientifical - Theoretical magazine "Artificial Intelligence". Dedicated to the problems of AI, IT, Recognition and Robototechnics.
  • The Scientist - the news journal for the life scientist
  • Smithsonian Magazine Subscriptions - A most eclectic publication from the institution which houses "the" most eclectic collection of artifacts in the United States. History, biography, science, and popular culture are featured in an intelligent yet very readable style.
  • Solid State Technology - On-line magazine providing in-depth coverage of processes, equipment, and materials used to manufacture integrated circuits, flat-panel displays, and microstructures in the semiconductor world
  • Technology Publications - Large selection of popular and specialty technology magazines, complete with detailed descriptions, international subscriptions, and great customer service.
  • Technology Review - Technological innovation in all its aspects is the focus of this significant magazine. Well-written features on the practical application of new technologies, the process of innovation, and the linking of technology to economic and cultural developments.

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