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  • BioMedNet   - The world wide club for the biological community. Publisher of HMS Beagle, an award winning magazine.
  • The Field of Biology   - Structural organization of the Biological Sciences with links to resources & tools for each subfield - from the Calif. Inst. of Technology.
  • Bioethics Internet Project - Broad overview of historical & current moral issues in the fields of medical treatment & research - from the Univ. of Penn.
  • Bioresearch Online - Virtual community for the bioresearch and life sciences industry featuring daily news, product updates, discussion forums, & online chat with information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, software, & careers.
  • BioScience Research Tool - Comprehensive resource directory for Bioscience and Education arranged them by discipline.
  • Expeditions Online - Field research expeditions worldwide.
  • Issues in Science & Technology - An online journal for discussion of public policy related the interactions of science, engineering, & medicine with society - from the Nat'l Academy of Sciences.
  • Out of the Silent Planet - Many molecular biology & biotechnology links, along with detailed information on the biochemistry and genetics of Bacillus spore germination.
  • SciNews-MedNews Source - Search, browse, & download current or archived articles & abstracts in comprehensive database of news releases from top research institutions. Designed for news reporters.
  • BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology - Electronic communication forums to promote communication between Professionals in the Biological Sciences - from Stanford Univ. (June 6, 1997)

  • Usenet bionet.general - news:
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