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  • Animals of the Arctic - Made by students.
  • Antarctic CRC - cooperative research center for Antarctica and the Southern Oceans
  • Antarctic Unit - Tourism Board of Tierra del Fuego - Specialised support and information for technical tourism staff (guides, expedition leaders, captains, etc.). Sale of nautical charts of the Antarctic and Fuegian regions (the Antarctic Unit is the local agent of the Servicio de Hidrografia Naval – Argentine Ocean Service)
  • Antarctica - Antarctica - Personal Recollections, Fauna, and early Exploration.
  • Antarctica - The Antarctic Connection. - Antarctica maps, books, gifts, posters, and more also a source for news, weather and information from the frozen continent.
  • Arctic Circle - Natural resources. History and culture. Social equity and environmental justice. Museum. Virtual classroom. Arctic forum.
  • Arctic Institute of North America - To advance the study of Canada's north through the natural and social sciences, the arts, and the humanities.
  • Arctic/Northern Culture - An educational resource on the circumpolar North, from Alaska to Greenland and Siberia, with 2,400 annotated links in 86 categories, weekly articles and much more - from your Mining Co. Guide.
  • Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA) - CARA investigates the origin of structure in the Universe by using the unique advantages of the Polar Plateau for astrophysics.
  • COMNAP - The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs was established in 1988 to bring together those managers of national agencies responsible for the conduct of Antarctic operations in support of science. The site includes comprehensive information on stations and bases, country programs, and links to further information.
  • Computerworld Antarctica - Computing in the coldest climate on earth.
  • Fridtjof Nansen Picture Database - A huge photographic archive of Fridtjof Nansen's life and work, produced by the University of Oslo Library.
  • Glacier - General introduction to the realm of Antarctica by Rice University of Houston, Texas, and the NSF.
  • Greenland Iceberg Paradise - Information about Greenland and Icebergs, icecap. With a lot of wonderful pictures.
  • History of the Ross Dependency - The Ross Dependency is the wedge-shaped part of Antarctica claimed by New Zealand. It is over 3000 kilometres south of New Zealand and takes in Ross Island, the Ross Sea, the Ross Ice Shelf, the Transantarctic Mountains and part of the continent extending to the South Pole.
  • International Antarctic Centre - Learning about Antarctica. Antarctic foods. Memories of Antarctica. Meetings and conferences. The Centre offers a range of programmes for school groups of all ages.
  • Mawson Station Webcam, Antarctica
  • North - an intuitive Arctic exploration - A growing collection of Arctic topics. Visitors are encouraged to make their own, intuitive choices.
  • The Northern Forum - To bring together regional leaders from throughout the North to address common economic, environmental and political issues.
  • Polar Web - The Polar Web is your guide to Internet resources dealing with the lands and waters surrounding the North Pole and the South Pole, and with other cold regions of the Earth.
  • SCAR - Home page of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.
  • South Pole Adventure Web Page - The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica.
  • Virtual Antarctica - TerraQuest's maiden voyage commenced as the expedition ship Livonia set out from Ushuaia, Argentina. Over the next two weeks, online adventurers from around the world followed the guests and crew as they sailed across Drake's Passage to the continent of Antarctica.
  • Wired Antarctica - Educational resource: fragile environment of Antarctica, the science that takes place there, and the people who like to work there.
  • Young Australian Antarctic Expedition - The Young Australian Antarctic expedition sails in January 1999, to climb the remote, unclimbed Pilcher Peak on the Antarctic Peninsula.

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