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  • Abecedarul Ziarelor Romanesti - A quick reference guide of Romanian newspapers on the Internet. Ziare.com is the premier Romanian mass media site, providing a complete collection of mass media links, and a good starting place to Romania.
  • AltaVista: Translations - Most of the pages are in English language, you can use AltaVista to translate from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can copy and paste paragraphs or enter URL of the page needs translation.
  • Discover Romania - The official language is Romanian, a language of Latin origin having much in common with the Italian and Spanish. It uses a latin alphabet. One fact worth mentioning is that Romanian is the only Latin language in Eastern Europe.
  • Library of Congress / Federal Research Division/ Romania - Romania - A Country Study, Country Profile: geography, society, economy, transportation, communication, government, politics, national security, introduction to early history.
  • Romania - Transylvania - Romania, Transylvania web page, chat. Transylvanian and Romanian history.
  • Romanian Union - International Non-Profit Organization of the Romanian Diaspora

  • Usenet soc.culture.romanian - news:
  • Usenet rec.travel.europe - news:
  • Usenet soc.history.what-if - news:
  • Usenet newsguy.pub.world.gov - news:
  • Usenet rec.sport.soccer - news:
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