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You have Imperial ships on scopes.
Your radiation monitor is on high.
You have your target on scopes.

Hyperspace coordinates lead to:

Credits: Lives:


You are hunting for an escaped Imperial prisoner holding information vital to the survival of the Alliance. We have hired you to track him down and bring him to us. The reward will be 10,000 credits and 1 life. You will receive 500 credits every time you come back to Yavin.

If your radiation monitor is high, you may be near a black hole. If you hyper into an area with a black hole, you will be sucked up by it. The ship the Imperial prisoner stole was a new prototype super-antigrav made especially for working near Kessel and the Maw cluster, which prevents him from being sucked up.

If you have Imperial ships on scopes, you are near a fleet. Make a wrong hyperspace calculation and you will be destroyed. Obviously this fleet is not against the prisoner.

If the target is on scopes, you are near a sector where the prisoner is. He is a competent fighter, so he may either fight you or flee into another sector.

Each turn you can choose to move or fire a long range concussion missile into an adjoining sector. Do this to attempt disabling the prisoner's craft.

The object is to capture the prisoner. Do so by disbling his craft. We will come to pick him up immediately.

If you are killed in any way, you have to restart the hunt. You will be dropped off in a different system and deducted 500 credits and a life.

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