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  • BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network, Buddhism Online   - BuddhaNet - Buddhist Information Network and The BuddhaZine - Online Buddhist Magazine. Insight Meditation Online, Australian Buddhist Directory, Asian Buddhist Directory, Buddhist File Library, Buddhist Studies. A very beautiful well mantained site!
  • DharmaNet: Gateways to Buddhism   - Index of Buddhist resources both on and off the internet. Lists of Dharma groups and centers by school and by region. The DharmaNet International Gateway was one of the first Buddhist sites on the internet (online since 1991).
  • AAA Ari's White Lotus Homepage - Ari's Web Site Dedicated to the Beautiful White Lotus Flower as a Metaphor for Spiritual Growth.
  • Advayavada Buddhism Information Center - Amsterdam - Information about Advayavada Buddhism, with Questions and Answers section.
  • Allspirit Selected Buddhist Writings - A selection of Buddhist writings from Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Sumedho, Joseph Goldstein, and Dogen. Also Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.
  • Buddhasasana - English Section - Books, Suttas, articles giving advice on meditation, and essays. Mostly about the Theravada but some others as well.
  • Buddhism Depot - Buddhism information (introduction, scriptures), discussion, chat.
  • Buddhism For the Lay Practitioner - A site aiming to cater for lay Buddhist's and those interested in the practise of lay Buddhism.
  • Buddhism History - Friendly beginner's guide to Buddhist philosophy. [Hard to navigate. To start, click on selections in the top frame.]
  • Buddhist Door - All of the past issues of the on-line Buddhist Door magazine can be read from here.
  • Buddhist links - a list of links to web sites related to Buddhism
  • Buddhist Mysticism - This is on a site about mysticism in world religions. It includes quotations from the Dhammapada, Bodhidharma, Zen Buddhism and contemporary Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Buddhist Philosophy - an introductory course
  • Buddhist Reading Room - Buddhist lessons and sutras to read online. Also e-mail discussion group and Buddhist Web Ring.
  • Buddhist Studies WWW VL - Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library.
  • Butsudans: Victory Butsudan. - Resource center for every Buddhist.
  • China: Buddhism and Buddhist Studies - Collection of Links at the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL).
  • Dharma The Cat - Cartoons for Buddhists, and each has commentary from people different faiths.
  • eDharma : Buddhism Resource Magazine - An online magazine devoted to exploring trends in American buddhist and buddhist-inspired culture.
  • Essentials of Buddhism - Lists out the core teachings of Buddhism. Also provides selected links to other sites and book recommendations.
  • Friends of Buddhism - Described as a vision to spread buddhadharma and support all Buddhist projects worldwide. Free Buddhist books, patriarchs, masters, rinpoches and other Buddhism information.
  • Fundamental Buddhism Explained - Explicit explanation of fundamental Buddhism based on the Pali Canon, recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest surviving written record of what the Buddha said and taught.
  • Gateless Passage - The Gateless Passage is a nonsectarian information facility for the lay study of Chinese Buddhism.
  • Hiri Sutta - On Friendship. This is a sutra from the Sutta Nipata. Definition of friendship.
  • Japanese Buddhism - About Buddhism in Japan: the introduction to Japan; and the different sects, with dates.
  • Kalavinka Dharma World - Buddhist journal, translations of stories and teachings. Also a bookstore (associated with Amazon) usefully sorted into different categories.
  • The Mind-Only Café - Page about the Yogacara school of Buddhism.
  • Overseas Hoa Hao Buddhist Association - Covers teachings from Prophet Huynh Phu So and translations from noted Hoa Hao Buddhist Clergies and authors. News about Hoa Hao Buddhism community.
  • Sky Dancer - A Bibliography in Buddhism for Feminists - The specific wisdom that defines dakinis is the nondualistic and vibrant knowing of a reality...described as "beginningless purity" or "primordial freedom." this is the Skydancer dedicated web site: a feminine way to Buddhism. Articles, essays and more, give a look!
  • SN XXXV.88 Punna Sutta - To Punna. This is a sutta from the Samyutta Nikaya.
  • Sparsabhumi - Buddhist and Indological Studies - Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian Philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist Texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in General, Other Indian Languages Texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Classical Texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar)
  • Stupa Information Page, The - Here you will find everything you want to know about stupas: the history, meaning, symbolism; and links to stupas both finished and under construction all around the world. This is the best site I have come across for information on stupas.
  • AN V.34: Siha Sutta - To General Siha (On Generosity)
  • Welcome to Shambhala - Shambhala and Buddhist meditation practice and arts.
  • Women Active in Buddhism - Women Active in Buddhism is the Web's first comprehensive collection of links and resources on contemporary Buddhist women. There is also a complete guide to the many female meditational deities found in Tibetan Buddhist practice.

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  • Usenet alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan - news:
  • Usenet alt.religion.buddhism.theravada - news:
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