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  • mikelietz.dhs.org   - Personal website of Mike Lietz, including many almost funny articles, odd and cheesy poems, and more original content.
  • Adreanne's Homepage - A girl and her cats.
  • Analog2Digital - A Primer on Bill Pena, student at Brown University
  • Anand Vitt Patel - A Site about my life as a village idiot, hobbies and the people who put up with me.
  • [a-nders] - the personal homepage of anders pearson, future ruler of the world.
  • Angel Santiago - personal website of a University of New Mexico student.
  • The Berzerker's Playpen - A college related site. Interesting links and topics. For those students who like the weird things in life..........
  • BixWorld2.0 - The personal homepage of Chris 'Bix' Marshall, this site offers a look at life though the eyes of a college kid, humor, tech news, philosophy, and a stuffed dog wearing shoes.
  • Bob Karaban - Michigan State University student
  • Brent's Newton Space - A look into my college life. View my schedule, learn about the Michigan State University Student Government.
  • Brian's Shack on the Web - All about Brian and his life as a college student and theater technician, including every show he has ever done!
  • Candi's Place - Information on The University of Texas at Austin, thoughts on world issues, and other information.
  • Christopher A. Hiemstra's WWW Page - Exploits and Misadventures of a graduate student at the University of Wyoming complete with pictures, links, and other semi-useless information.
  • Cola's House of Ill Repute - Cyber tree house of Nicole Wilkins, student at Mills College, Oakland, CA
  • Corey M. Carson - Engineering student at the University of Kansas
  • CRMacD - Personal view points, Lakenheath alumni area, sound files, TI games, and other computer related interests. (U. of Texas.)
  • Dan and Arlene - Includes pictures about Dan and Arlene, stuff about their Spring Break. It's just a fun page.
  • Dana's little domain - Come and take a peek into Dana's personal life. Learn about the life of an Israeli student.
  • Daniel Munivez - A little bit about myself and a whole lot of pictures.
  • Frederick C. Zahrn: Eruditio et Religio - A student at Duke University. Site includes research projects and extensive classical piano resources.
  • GPF Online - Poetry, programming, artwork and satire. Not for the ignorant or narrow-minded.
  • Jason Ireland - Contains a photo album, mountain biking info and a resume.
  • Javier Moreno - Math Student from Colombia (In Spanish). Nice links around Maths and Computers. Check it!
  • Joe's Place - Meet religion and economics double major at Texas Christian University.
  • junebug138 - Meet lyn (a Syracuse student), meet lyn's friends, follow as lyn keeps a running journal of life (many animated gifs.)
  • Like to talk about life, it's meaning, school, music, relationships, etc. - This is a forum to share my life with others and allow to get feedback on all the issues of life: from school, to work, to friends, to relationships, to activities, to music, to problems and concerns, to maybe even deeper issues like politics or religion
  • Lonely Hearts Club - Group of college kids in PA in long distance relationships, their diaries and lives
  • Loose associations - Brenda Fine's homepage - A politically nomadic math geek speaks.
  • Madhav Nitin Parekh - home page, business, interest, personal profiles, resume area of interest (Cal. State, Northridge)
  • Matt's Place - A Purdue student's Website that contains topics such as: PCs, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Purdue, Classes, and whatever he can think of. Stop by and see whats new!
  • Matt's World - A look into the life of a bored college student.
  • The Meat Locker, Home of Big Meaty Dave - Home of Johns Hopkins student extraordinaire -Dave Maltese.
  • Michael Gericke - Academic Work and Objectives, Personal Information, and Links. (University of Arkansas at Little Rock.)
  • Michael Hart Leggett - Student at Rice University -- Lots of pics, funnies, links and other great fun stuff!
  • Mike Williams - Student at North Caroline State University in Raleigh, NC
  • Multifarious Aggregations - Includes various artistic endeavors, quotations, and anything else the author wants to post.
  • Nick's Homepage - About a German student studying in the US, also providing info for other students who want to do the same Plus: personal resume, MIS, IT, internships in Silicon Valley
  • Page O'Cam - Contains primarily photos but also includes random rants, a bio and links.
  • The Penalty Box - Learn about the life and times of Patrick Dechon; a student at Syracuse U.
  • Pod21 - The Home Page Of the Craziest College Students--former and present--in Arizona. Our site includes: Magic 8-Ball, the Conspiracies, a Web Cam, the history, XvsY and stuff.
  • Russo's Realm - Site dedicated to my family, friends, faith, and interests. Included: Miss. State Univ., Chicago Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Star Wars, Cartoons, Phi Delta Theta, and much more!
  • Sam Choi's Diary - Samuel Young Choi's Diary. started 5-3-99. Whitney High 98 grad. UC Irvine for 98-99, transferring to Biola University. Member of Thanksgiving Korean Church Phileo. Grace Yaejin Kim.
  • Scott M. Knoflicek - Homepage of Scott M. Knoflicek, college student
  • Stephanie Lane - Student at University of Delaware
  • Steve Juanico's Valinor - A personal homepage with research papers, government and Philippine links and more.
  • Szymon Krasucki - a Rutgers student.
  • Terence Mascsarenhas - Student at UC Berkeley. Pictures of me, friends ,and family and even my resume.
  • To Know You Is To Love You - The day to day tribulations of a jewish girl from Austin, TX living in Los Angeles, CA. (journal, etc.)
  • WangNing's personal homepage - My personal homepage including my research on multicast routing and network technologies, my favorites, hot links and new events.

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