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  • Disabled People's Association in Singapore - It was with the wisdom of such an adage that the disabled people around the world finally, united in strength and committed in purpose, decided to set up an example of a self-help organisation of the disabled, by the disabled and for the disabled, so as to achieve a "VOICE OF OUR OWN" - "VOX NOSTRA".
  • Information resource for expats in Singapore - An information-rich resource for expats coming to live, work and play in Singapore, with tips on pointers on coming to Singapore, accommodation and housing, schools and education, transport, shopping and including travel in the region.
  • New Asia - Singapore - Expressions of New Asia - Singapore is an interactive journey that utilizes Shockwave and your imagination to both entertain and educate you.
  • Singapore Infomap - Index of Singapore sites maintained by the National Computer Board. Also general information and data on Singapore.
  • Traffic Scan - Latest info on road traffic conditions from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

  • Usenet soc.culture.singapore - news:
  • Usenet soc.culture.singapore.moderated - news:
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