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Enjoy your Retirement on the Internet!
by Robin Nobles

After retirement, many folks rush out to buy computers and get hooked up to the Internet. Why? Because of the seemingly endless resources available to them in any category imaginable!

Mowetha Williams, a Hattiesburg American reader, told me that she loves to sit in front of the computer screen and tour the world, and one of her favorite sites is Yahoo!-Government: Embassies and Consulates. "I can sit here in my pajamas and visit all the current countries via their embassies and get all sorts of material and beautiful it was Uzbekistan (which I had barely heard of before) and one of its cities, Samarkand." Doesn't that sound like fun?

Do you enjoy traveling? If you do, Elderhostel is the place for you. "Elderhostel is a nonprofit organization providing educational adventures all over the world to adults aged 55 and over. Study the literature of Jane Austen in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or travel to Greece to explore the spectacular art and architecture of its ancient civilization, or conduct field research in Belize to save the endangered dolphin population." The site is geared toward people on the move "who believe learning is a lifelong process."

If you're a grandparent, you'll enjoy this site: Grandparents Homepage. The site offers tips on what to do with your grandchildren, long distance grandparenting, and even traveling with grandchildren. Or, join the online discussion group and share your experiences with others. This is a great place to meet other retired folks and form a community of friends.

Retire.Net is an interactive, comprehensive retirement resource with an added bonus: it's a lot of fun. Would you like a penpal from across the world? Or would you like to chat online with other retired folks? You can exchange recipes, discuss your favorite hobbies, or talk about sports.

Would you like to make some online friends? Visit Senior.Com's chat room, or stop by the message center and post messages online. If you need technical advice, see Jim's Tech Tips, where you'll learn helpful information about your computer or the Internet. You can read articles from the Senior News Network, or visit Town Square, a guide to the best web resources for seniors.

Senior.Site is dedicated to providing an interesting and entertaining website for people over 50. You'll find information on physical ailments, grandparenting resources, laws and legislation, and even poems and prose.

If you're looking for a new hobby, visit Yahoo! Recreation: Hobbies and Crafts, which contains a comprehensive listing of hobbies including gardening, basketry, and photography.

For over 5000 links to sites of interest to the over-50 age group, visit the Age of Reason website, which provides practical information relative to seniors' lifestyles. The site features a Seniors Discount Mall and resources such as Seniors in Action, Retirement Living, and RVs and Camping.

Yahoo! features an impressive Seniors' Guide offering news articles, message boards, and live chatting with other seniors. Categories include genealogy, books, health, and food and dining. The site also offers additional links of interest to retirees.

As stated explicitly at the site, Senior Frolic "will NOT provide medical sources, relevant political and sociological information or advice on how to lead a more productive life in the 'GOLDEN YEARS'." But what it *will* provide are links galore! You'll discover information on hobbies, music, museums, shopping, sports, and much more. This site will easily keep you occupied for hours!

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Robin Nobles is a freelance writer whose articles on surfing the Web are published in six newspapers regularly. She also writes articles about the Web and Internet in publications such as Internet Newsroom, InfoAlert, WebVantage, CompuNotes, ChipNET, The Sunshine Post, Bridges Initiatives, and more. She can be reached at [email protected] or through her website:

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