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Help in Planning a Child's Birthday Party
by Robin Nobles

Are you tired of the same old birthday parties at fast food restaurants every year? Are you ready for some new ideas? Let's see what resources we can find on the Internet for getting help in planning a new and exciting birthday party for your child.

We'll begin at Disney's site, which offers resources galore for planning birthday parties. You'll learn how to host a Puppy Party, a Mermaid Party, or a Spy Party, complete with inexpensive ideas for invitations, decorations, welcoming activities, games, food, goodie bags, and even thank-you notes. Discover how to have theme-related parties for one-to-three-year-olds, or learn how to put together the world's greatest goodie bags. The site offers photo ideas, tips on birthday manners, and ten party-planning pitfalls.

At Holidays, Birthday Parties & Celebrations, you'll learn that your three areas of focus for planning a birthday party are crafts, food, and games/activities. The sites offers several tip and fact sheets for hosting successful parties, in topics such as Guidelines for Age- Appropriate Birthday Parties and Birthday Parties Needn't Drive You Bonkers. /

More ideas for theme-related parties can be found at Boardman's Birthday Party Ideas. At a Bug Party, you'll make a caterpillar cake and go on a bug hunt. At a Backwards Party, the kids will come dressed backwards, and you'll print out a banner to read backwards. The ideas at this site are really cute!

If you need some craft ideas for your birthday party, visit Kids Crafts Bulletin Board. Post a note to the board asking for advice, or look through the messages to see if any of the ideas appeal to you.

Maybe you don't have time to dash all over town looking for invitations, favors, and party hats. If so, stop by Birthday USA where you can order everything you need to have your party. The site offers over 50 different party theme packages, from Dress Up Minnie to Jungle Fun. You can even download a free birthday planner at the site.

20 Fun Things to do with your Kids offers some adorable birthday party ideas, such as Paper Bag Guess, where kids try to guess what's inside a paper bag, or a Jelly Bean Hunt.

At the Party Planner, you'll learn ideas for age-specific parties, recipes for fun party food such as ice cream clowns, directions for making piņatas, and even a birthday party checklist.

Pillsbury offers some wonderful mealtime ideas for a Children's Birthday Party, such as Crescent Dogs or Corn-on-the-Cob Pops. Or, if your child loves pizza, you'll find some unusual pizza recipes, like Fanciful Fruit Pizza.

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