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The Cat Lady Answers Your Questions
by Iris the Cat Lady

Tips for a new cat.

p>New cats may want some private space, so for the first few days put the cat in a room that can be closed off from the rest of the house. Put the litter box and food- one on each side of the room- cats will not eat where their litter box is.

It is better to put up a gate on the second day so the cat can see and here what is going on in the house. Remember to spend quality time with your cat, maybe early morning and again at early evening.


Why do get cats get in such funny positions?

A cat’s body is very fluid because their skeleton is flexible and light and their bones are strong. Cats have 500 muscles. With this structure and support a cat can move both halves of their body in opposing directions.


Why does my cat jump when she hears my voice?

Speak gently and give a new cat plenty of time to get used to their new home. As she gains confidnece she will feel comfortable and at home with her new surroundings and with you.


Why is my cat so independent?

Cats have a reputation for this, but they do get lonely if they’re alone for long stretches of time.


Can I use a dog flea collar for my cat?

Be careful with pesticides, because they are poisonous, and never use a flea product intended only for dogs.


Can I train my cat to walk on a leash?

Choose a soft but sturdy harness instead of a collar leash. This is less threatening to your pet. Start in small periods of time.


Why will my cat eat only soft food?

If your cat shys away from hard food, she may have gum disease or another problem with her mouth. Check with your veterinarain.


Why does my cat knead?

A cat will often knead against a favorite spot when she is content. This is a throwback to kittenhood, when kittens knead against their Mother to stimulate the flow of milk.


Why does my cat need shots?

Shots are an absolute necessary precautionary measure for the health of your cat. Shots immunize cats against lethal viruses and diseasaes.


Why does my cat hide when company comes?

Indoor cats are exposed to visitors and strangers more than indoor-outdoor cats, and usually handle people a bit better. Some shy cats still run and hide, but most are right there to investigate the newcomer.


What kind of cat is best?

This is a very personal matter. I would need to know if the cat will be kept indoors, how many members of the family are there. Is it an apartment or a house? On one level or two. Send me the information and I will come back with a list of breeds that would fit your life style.

Are you interested in learning more about cats? Do you have a question about your cat? Iris, the Cat Lady will be happy to answer any question you may have. Simply send an e-mail message to:

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