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Internet Tip
by Daniel Deane

The Internet as a Community.

Keep in mind that the internet is a community. Everyone with access to a computer, modem and access to an internet provider such as a BBS, educational facility, military facility, work connection, or an internet service provider for pay, may enter the community. Some are friendly, some not so friendly, some have characters you can rely on like the value of diamonds and gold, others with shall we say not so righteous intent are online. I have found most individuals on the internet friendly and helpful individuals.

Yes the internet and the World Wide Web is a true community. I know of no other means that I may develop a friendship with someone in Trinidad or Antigua or Belize or California or New York or Canada or Mexico or England or that huge continental island south of Japan and the Philippines (Australia) without leaving my desk. Some people collect signatures and email addresses of all the places that have contacted them or they have contacted.

As in all relationships, a chance meeting on a discussion list, FIDO Net, chat, or some other discussion network connected to the internet, can turn into something worthwhile and lasting. My brother who had given up all chances of finding that really special someone, met his wife on FIDO Net through a BBS.

For those new to the internet, a BBS is an electronic bulletin board service dialed up through a modem. Some are free and others charge for the service. A very few have even developed web connections with browser and email capability. If you are fortunate to hook up with one of latter BBS services, consider yourself fortunate indeed. You have the best of both worlds.

On the internet, I learn useful ideas and news I never thought I would ever need. If I ever need to know something all I need ever do is ask. If I am using a browser on the WWW I only need to query one or two search engines and generally I will find the information I need.

BTW - I heard there was an open pit diamond mine in Florida that was open to the public for public digging. What is its name? Where is it? email [email protected] with the answer. I happen to know they have a web page; because, they were featured on the Kids Channel. It was a rather interesting article.

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